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assistant editor Frosty:
"Tama, these poems  
have me purrrring, 
purrrring even more!"

assistant ed. Tama:
"Me, too!  Mister Editor!
Can we honor these poets 
in a new post?"

Excellent idea, noble assistant editors- and we'll do it right now!

        poet normal   Saugerties, New York        

                 in lasting tribute
                 to the resiliency
                 of humankind,
                 will hold hands singing
                 on the long walk home

   poet Judy Katz-Levine   Norwood, Massachusetts

For a brother

Sun on the water as a car passes
those who like to toss a ball into the air and serve
we share a lucky tune

      poet t. kilgore splake
      Calumet, Michigan

                         soft needle pine bed

                       gentle trout stream lilies

                       soaring butterfly freedom

       reaching cliffs summit

         old friends waiting

       place beyond the clouds

                     poet pl. wick   Empire, Colorado

glassy tourmaline ocean
rolling in   advancing...                      Melrose Ave.-
                                                  as night falls
a tiger cowry shell -                          lost angels  bluesmen
what travels   to end up                      and hollow-eyed poets
here in my palm                                 come out to prowl

             poet Steve Ausherman   Albuquerque, New Mexico

          Abandoned railroad
            Wildflowers rise                  Santa Fe rain
          Between rotting ties.                        Adobe walls
                                                 Blushing darkly.

         poet Dennis Saleh   Seaside, California

                    Timing Out

                    Time is catching
                    up to the future

                    Or is the future
                    catching its breath

                    Hold a mirror and
                    a clock to each other

                    Hold each day as
                    a stalking horse

                    Stalking a hearse
                    before it turns again

          poet Rajnish Mishra   Varanasi, India

            My verse fresh born now,

            Fresh - dead until read.  No one,

            but just you read it!

 poet Bijoy Kant Dubey   West Bengal, India

   the poetry of nothingness,
   a strange vacuum
   feeling within,
   space and horizons,
   laced with an existential search,
   telling of my angst, loss and bewilderment
   want I to write,
   say, say,
   how to do that,
   say, say you,
   who am I,
   what I am for

        poet Olimpio Coelho de Araújo   Sao Vicente, Brasil
        WE ARE ALL ASTRONAUTS       translator Teresinka Pereira
        (Somos todos astronauts)                Toledo, Ohio

                  The gods know we are all astronauts.
                  They test our fragile limitations,
                  our shaky, insecure steps.
                  The gods know how arrogant we are.
                  The gods know.

poet Carl Mayfield   Rio Rancho, New Mexico

Blank Look #871      

                                                a face suspended
                                                above a customary skeleton
                                                smiles to itself
                                                as a moment
                                                passes through

assistant ed. Frosty, suggesting, "Mister Editor! We may have a blank look soon without some nourishing poetic treats..."

Worthy suggestion, Frosty, and! Another worthy post from you and Tama! 
let's all enjoy our favorite treats...!

Happy kitty purrs (and a big grin) to you from the mighty shoreline of Colorado's Bear Creek

                                       (and, last, a furry little blessing 
                                                 from Angelee Deodhar)

see you in a moment

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