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favorite poets and their poems: Diane Webster, Cathy Porter, Nancy Shires, Teresinka Pereira, Candy Cooper-Towler, Patricia Carragon, Ann Christine Tabaka, Jean Aldriedge, Carl Mayfield, and! Toma Rosen...


assistant ed. Frosty:
"Tama, just look at all these awesome             
poems scattered across the desk
we've been catnapping on!" 
assistant ed. Tama (amidst happy purring):
"Frosty, let's honor as many as we can  
in another post!"

Frosty:  "Yes, Tama! And! Here we go". . .

     poet Diane Webster   Delta, Colorado

                                          BEE CAVE

A bee encapsulated
inside a snapdragon blossom
like soaring in bathtub water
as scent penetrates in steamy mist. . .
like squeezing through
a cave tunnel to the end
discovering never-before-seen
stalactites. . .

                    poet Cathy Porter   Omaha, Nebraska

fireplace shadows
late December evening
winter's open house                     on the patio
                                           two empty chairs blown over
                                           Saturday sleep in
                      For Sale
                      a sure sign
                      of gravity                    midnight darkness
                                                      summer moon
                                                      walks us home


my grandmother counted                    
every penny
while most of the family
lost theirs
in various acts
of dubious behavior

she never passed on
her mathematical skills
as if she knew
knowledge and wisdom
never exist
in the same equation

      poet Nancy Shires
Greenville, North Carolina

after traffic noise
were crickets singing
all that time?

     wind-tossed leaves
     geese sky-writing
     capital vees                          
                                              (above by Tama and Frosty)
             bumblebee moth
             the best
             of both worlds                  one of those days
                                                you wear the air
do not feed                                  like an old shirt
their noses poke through water
under the sign

poet Teresinka Pereira   Toledo, Ohio


Defeat of man
that abused by humanity
almost lost
the human condition
beheaded by his fate
bearing witness
of lack of true life

I look at him with
silent tears
subdued by impotency
humiliated for not
knowing what to do.

poet Candy Cooper-Towler
                        Longmont, Colorado

a little more sleep-
just the five minutes
between 7:30 and 8:30

             chalk art
             on the school sidewalks
             sparrows play hopscotch

     walking home
     weaving through the neighborhood
     searching for shade

poet Patricia Carragon
                        Brooklyn, New York

      pastoral silence
      inner cacophony
                            trees having
                            an icicle meltdown

                            mid-winter blues

vapor clouds
rise from my teapot             a praia dorme
Winter cold blues                          a maré, um corbertor
                                                       a lua assiste

                                the beach sleeps
                                         the tide, a blanket
                                                   the moon watches

            poet Ann Christine Tabaka   Hockessin, Delaware

harvest moon                                      
illuminates fields
with ghost stories

                       in a forest grove
                       flute-like tones echo brightly
                       sound of a wood thrush

          wind in trees
          leaves dance to
          a grand ballet

                          in my window
                          a moonless night
                          pulls down the shades

   morning sunlight
   through open window
   dust motes dance gaily

                                train whistle
                                swallows the quiet
                                like unspoken words

                 a rainbow
                 shatters into
                 vibrant fragments

      poet Jean Aldriedge   Bellows Falls, Vermont

                  I'll tell you about the
                  as it came in through the
                  crevices of the barn
                  At night the cows knew
                  the stars

                  poet Carl Mayfield   Rio Rancho, New Mexico

Blank Look #972

                            picking up a trimmed branch
                            I notice there is a thread
                                     trailing off into the sky
                            quickly becoming invisible

                                     when I feel the tug
                            a shudder arrives
                            without a sound
                            as though being called home
                            is nothing to fret about

        poet toma rosen
Mt Baldy Zen Center, California

old dog    stares                                      
long and questioningly
into the
   stove's beckoning flames

a quiet moof of melancholy

Frosty, Tama, you have created a long and lovely post here...
"Yes, Mister Editor," replies Tama..."I could contentedly lie beside Toma's old dog all evening moofing melancholy flames..."

"Yes!, and, perhaps with a nice treat or two?" suggests Frosty...

Treats for everyone, Frosty- and we'll all quietly rest and watch the beckoning flames. . .

see you in a moment

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