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bear creek haiku #142! pl wick, Fred Donovan, Jo Balistreri, Dorothy McLaughlin, Teresinka Pereira, and, Cindy Evans!

Poets and poetry of print issue #142, chosen by assistant editors Tama and Frosty!...                                     

Frosty:  "Tama, issue #141 
isn't in the mail yet- are we 
just too eager about 
beginning the next issue?"
Tama:  "Frosty, fine poetry 
shouldn't have to wait on 
the diverse nuances of 
mister editor- onward, 
Frosty! Ever onward with the 
blessings of poets and their poetry!". . .

                     poet pl wick  Empire, Colorado...

building a meadow wall
each stone fitting                         atop
as it is supposed                          an old wall prominence
                                             stacked   lichen covered
there is no perfectness                        grass tufts grown in-
yet                                          the pygmy owl
there is harmony                          surveys
   in its functionality                       his meadow domain

    poet Fred Donovan   South Chatham, Massachusetts

warm breeze—
pink blossoms cling
to her brown hair

                        windswept beach—
                        snow fills in frozen 

    lunar eclipse—
    my shadow dissolves
    into the red earth

                             the lull
                             before the next wave—
                             gull cry

     poet Jo Balistreri   Genesee Depot, Wisconsin

on the back porch
wind rocks
in the chair beside me

                          without a job lone leaf drifting

     poet Dorothy Mclaughlin   Somerset, New Jersey

guest room closet
coat hangers
long empty

                      cloudy night
                      remembering where
                      the moon belongs

                                                  and shadows
                                                  today's softness

               (above by assistant editors Tama and Frosty)

                     poet Teresinka Pereira   Toledo. Ohio


Defeat of man
that abused by humanity
almost lost
the human condition
beheaded by his fate
bearing witness
of lack of true life

I look at him with
silent tears
subdued by impotency
humiliated for not
knowing what to do.

Cindy Evans   Duluth, Georgia 

Ferris Wheel
I've heard love is this mountain top
and there's all this magic and mirth,
but I feel love is a ferris wheel
grounded here on earth.

Sometimes it takes you up -
you soar to a sweet, serene sky--
sometimes it drops you down -
you feel the fall from on high.

Sometimes it gently rocks you...
you float so delicately...
the sun is warm on your face...
sunshine is all you see.

Sometimes there's a sinking sensation -
you know you're riding low;
sometimes you have to sit and wait
until it begins to go --

yet, with all these rises and rests,
with all the undeniable descents,
I still say the ride's worth the while
and time that's beautifully spent.

Thank you, pl, Fred, Jo, Dorothy, Teresinka, Cindy!
Well done, assistant editors!  We'll soon have two issues of bear creek haiku in the mail, numbers 141 and 142!  And now, extra treats for all!  
Happy meows, and, a sincere 'soon, again, friend', from us...      

see you in a moment  

ayaz daryl nielsen

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