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Teresinka Pereira! (and!) Seyd Liaquath Peeran!

From poet, translator, and our international
activist for justice, Teresinka Pereira:                                     

   July 23, 1914 - Sept. 23, 2003

   Life, not death, is mysterious.
Death is a re-encounter with peace.
Life is only an image in movement,
   A dream of what we want to be.

  You, poet, know how to overcome
 the holy seduction of infinite time,
of hope flowing through the universe.
 You conquered the peace and silence
 of the morning dew on a dust of star.

     Your poetry stays in the eternal dream
of the recently opened millennium of illusions.
Master of the lyrical word, of the clear thought.
             you can go with the truth
              and the purity of death.
 Your maturity is as firm as a treasure of gold.
    Thankfully we accept your immortality
       in the poetry present in your heart.

Teresinka Pereira, President of the    

(Tama: "In 2015, the IWA prize for 'Best of the Year, Magazine Poetry' was awarded to... bear creek haiku!")

Teresinka's translations of poets and poems have been (Tama: "and will continue to be") from and into many different languages and cultures worldwide (Tama: "Including some of our poems!")...

                      International Writers & Artists
                         Teresinka Pereira, Pres.
                              PO Box 352048
                         Toledo, OH  43635-2048

                                    (from Tama, Frosty and Ayaz Daryl)

assistant editor Tama: "Teresinka! and! Seyd Liaqath Peeran! Two internationally honored poets, and, fortunately, our friends..."

assistant editor Frosty:  "We should've had posts about Teresinka and S. L. Peeran years ago..."

Noble assistant editors, thank you, and I am responsible for our oversight! let's continue to address it within this post...

Seyd Liaqath Peeran:

by S. L. Peeran:

          Every flower speaks of a grand design,
                 That goes beyond the worldly.
          Every leaf reveals symmetry
                Reflecting the glory of nature.
          Every tree reflects the passing time,
                Nature – ever on search for a greater grandeur.



                     (created by Tama, Frosty, and Ayaz Daryl)

assistant editor Tama:  "We'll ask our readers to seek out these two poets on their own, there is so much more about them than we can even begin to present in this post..."
Frosty: "And, it is our very good fortune to know them..."

thank you, noble assistant editors- now. how about special treats while we read a few poems from Mr. Peeran's 'Scattered Gems (Selected Poems)'!
                   (chorus of happy meows from all)

see you in a moment

ayaz daryl nielsen


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