Wednesday, August 9, 2017

poetry from our friends: Dorothy McLaughlin, Michael Dylan Welch, Ann Christine Tabaka, Cathy Porter, Carl Mayfield, Joanna Weston, Stephanie Hiteshew, t. kilgore splake, and! Dennis Saleh!

assistant editor Tama: "poetry from dear friends..." 

assistant editor Frosty,
"Tama, we have so many 
poets as friends!"

"True, Frosty," replies Tama, 
"Poetry has been 
and continues to be 
blessing for us..."

Tama and Frosty, insisting:
"Hurry, Mister Editor! We need to share the sanctity of poetry within our posts!  This post!"

Yes, noble assistants! And, here we go!...

poet Dorothy McLaughlin   Somerset, New Jersey:

cloudy night                                      
empty window where
the moon belongs

       who noticed
       the newborn's
       first shadow?

                light and shadow
                for the day

   poet Michael Dylan Welch
   Sammamish, Washington:

vacant nude beach-
my skipping stone disappears
into the fog
           organ arpeggios-
           dust trembling                         rain in the sandbox-
           in the slanted cathedral light        a common sparrow
                                                     shakes its tail

poet Ann Christine Tabaka   Hockessin, Delaware:            

tattered seams                                                  
the soft comfort of
old worn blue jeans

                   at day break
                   soft whiskers tickle my noses
                   kitty kisses

    "Everyone needs their noses kitty kissed!"- Frosty

poet Cathy Porter   Omaha, Nebraska:

kitchen windows open
Tehano music
dances inside
                                       midnight darkness
                                       summer moon
                                       walks us home
      cheek to cheek
      behind the ride
      county fair

                        on the patio
                        two empty chairs blown over
                        Saturday sleep in

               poet Carl Mayfield   Rio Rancho, New Mexico:

     line in the sand-
         whip snake
     easing under the gate                     in my chest
                                                      that drum
                                                    risking everything

       poet Joanna Weston   Shawinigan lake, British Columbia:

                    connecting flight your hand in mine

poet Stephanie Hiteshew
                  Columbia, Maryland:


    one blue moon
    ing the wind.


               stale maple leaf
               fresh on the river.

poet t. kilgore splake
calmet, michigan:

   sun shining through clouds
   ghosts and angels
   looking down on earth

poet  Dennis Saleh
Seaside, California:


I care
not, what

I cry
"Give me

Noble assistant editors, shall we end our poetry post?

"So many lovely poets and poetry- we'll close for today, but we'll be back tomorrow!," states Tama

Maybe not tomorrow, Tama, but we'll be back soon!
Frosty, do you think it's time for extra special treats?

"Mister Editor, it's always time for poetry, poets, and!
                                                         extra special treats!"

see you in a moment

ayaz daryl nielsen


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