Saturday, August 5, 2017

Dennis Saleh, t. kilgore splake, Lysa Collins, Diane Webster, Ndongolera Mwangupili, p. l. wick, Patricia Carragon, Bijay Kant Dubey, and! Peggy Dugan French!

assistant editor Frosty:  
'Tama, we haven't honored
the finest of our poets 
for over a month because
of our moving across town!"                               

"So true, Frosty," replies 
assistant editor Tama... 
"Mister Editor, today
we will create 
a new post!"

Noble assistants, we're settled
in our new home, and, yes, 
let's be busy with the poets 
we know and so appreciate!  And we will create a new post 
every week...
"Loverly!" mew Tama and Frosty

from bear creek haiku print issue #140 (to be mailed soon)
                                                  "Hopefully," states Frosty...

Dennis Saleh  Seaside, California:

                            An Encounter

                            A fellow to his shadow,
                            "What took you so long?"
                            I've been waiting all...
                            Give me a moment,
                            would you."
                            Shadow replies,
                            "That's fine.
                            Another time.
                            There's always
                            plenty of that."

Frosty, "from one of our best"
t. kilgore splake  Calumet, Michigan:
   early morning breeze                     neighborhood houses
  small branches swaying                      all windows dark
     like restless heart                        little theaters quiet

           wow!  Lysa Collins   White Rock, British Columbia:

                                and the summer breeze
                                softly whispers                                  
                                 -  home


Diane Webster   Delta, Colorado:

                                                     FALLS EXHAUSTED

During the windstorm
grasses tickle
the stone with no mercy
until it rolls down
the hill into the road
and lies exhausted.

"Mister Editor, when we have completed this post, let's go find
a breeze through grasses that will tickle us!"

             You betcha, Frosty... now, back to our poets!

Ndongolera C Mwangupili   Mzuzu, Malawi:


              Like light
              throwing its rays,
              you shine.                                 

              Like wind,
              you blow away

              Like seed,
              you blossom
              new living.

p l wick   Empire, Colorado:

            walking through
            sycamore leaf-carpet
            often  I hesitate to listen
            for your rustling paw-stride.
            and though
            now there is only silence -

            you are always at my side

Patricia Carragon   Brooklyn, New York:

CATKU  (three extra cheers for Ms Carragon!
                from Tama and Frosty)

by the window
        a snowflake meltdown
        amuses the cat

                 like cat's eyes
                 doors to inner space
                 open and shut

                               (for Alison Ross)

                               progressive claws
                               send political machines
                               to the shredder

               Bijay Kant Dubey   West Bengal   India:

                            Man and Woman

                            Two characters
                            Man and woman,
                            How to paint them
                            Whispering in the dark
                            Behind the curtain of the scene?

and, from our dear friend Peggy Dugan French   Cardiff, California:

    each turn                             spots of fur 
    intoxicating                           still cover spaces
jasmine blooming                        where you used to sleep
                                             only a memory exists

Frosty, Tama and I "we miss her too, Peggy..."

well, noble assistants, we have completed this post, the first
of many more!  Shall we go seek the wind-blown grass that tickles, and then have some treats?
                  (many happy mews from all of us)

see you in a moment

ayaz daryl nielsen


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