Wednesday, June 7, 2017

"poetry, just for fun"- Frosty and Tama


          us, together-
          as if their
          work is done
          our dogs, asleep,

unkempt words, joining
unfolding, becoming
wayward byways
of resilience, of
heightened awareness
pursued to
resplendent byways
      from just beyond
         an everyday thought


                Waking, your arms stretch beyond the pillows
                legs flex as toes point toward the foot of our bed 
                yawning, your breasts rise, thighs quiver... lying 
                quietly beside you, it’s as if I, too, am soaring 
                within your unflinching forgiveness and grace.

Within these hollow cities                                  

the pallor of shallow nights 
when sleep isn’t enough 
The loneliness of those 
born to sing, empty acolytes 
brave enough to hear a 
whispered presence and 
wear invisible robes of gold, 
who have had time for mistakes 
and move on to a grateful 
sense of sweetness, the 
sweet embrace of the genuine 
Because we are, after all, always 
somehow someone that is needed.

                    The ballad of our hearts

                    endowing and inhabiting
                    touching and melting
                    two who have met
                    taking the world in hand
                    forgetting nothing
                    forgiving everything
                    embellishing salt-sweetness
                    while turning love into ink.

                                this earth we live on
                                betoaded and cawified   
                                naked heart and toes

assistant editor Tama, insisting 'this post was extra-special fun..."
"yes!" says assistant editor Frosty, "what say you, mister editor?"
noble assistant editors, heartfelt thanks, and, it's time for treats!
(hoorays from everyone, including Judith)

see you in a moment

ayaz daryl nielsen


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