Monday, May 15, 2017

two fine poets, their latest poetry collections... Martha Christina: Against Detachment, and! t. kilgore splake: Last Dance

Assistant editor Tama:  "A very few years ago, high school poet Martha Christina began submitting poetry to bear creek haiku"-  "Ms. Martha," continues assistant editor Frosty, "deserved many fine treats for her high quality creativeness"...                 

"She is earning many
more fine treats as her
poetic presence continues to flourish!" states Tama-
"It just makes us happy!"  

And! Mr Graybeard poet 
hisself, t. kilgore splake, 
has released yet another collection of his always unusual and always exceptional poetry... 
Frosty, "He's still creating at 287 years young!" 

umm, perhaps you have given mr. splake an extra year or so, Frosty
"Yet his poetry will never grow old", states Tama...

Noble assistant editors, we have copies of Martha's and t. kilgore's most recent published collections of poems!

"'Perhaps everyone should have 'em!" Frosty suggests...
"No perhaps about it", insists Tama!

"loverly poems", states Tama- "here are two"...


Always traceable;
some days,
only its residue
on a windowpane
or a cheek.



                   SIX DAYS

                   Like sand
                   thrown against a tin roof,
                   rain began.

                   Black cloud,
                   she of multiple stories
                   of weeping, wringing
                   her coarse hands.

                   After six days
                   I knew
                   the smell
                   of rain's skin.

                   Then, suddenly, the pressing blue sky;
                   its great weight
                   silencing everything.

and two from t. kilgore!...

  small rusty kettle                              
poet at last declaring
   final nada mas
walking to escarpment
  looking at the sky

                   graybeard's christmas

                     stereo player quiet

                   cds in plastic shelves

                    no nutcracker suite

                     silent night hymn
                instead morning memories

                    bright lights shining

                 sparkling tree ornaments

                   finding fire place note

                      santa's thank you

                 for sandwich and cookies

our heartfelt appreciation of your poetry,
                                  Martha Christina, t. kilgore splake!

and, it's sunrise in Colorado!

see you in a moment

ayaz daryl nielsen


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