Tuesday, May 23, 2017

from bear creek haiku #140: poets Cathy Porter, Toma Rosen, Lone Crow, Patricia Carragon, Ndongolera C. Mwangupili, Joanna M. Weston, and, Paula Yup!

Print issue #139 will soon be in the mail to everyone, and!  I'm already eager to start on issue #140. . . noble assistant editors Tama, Frosty, shall we present a few of issue 140's finest in this post?

Eager meows!  Frosty                                             
says, "And that little bribe 
of an extra treat made my 
saying yes even easier!"

"With or without treats,"
insists Tama, "let's do it! And I'll choose 
our first poet!". . .

from across the street
I watch you
turn out your nightlight                          we hit our stride
no ill intent                                        when we wear
just longing                                        the other's shoes

                    ^poet Cathy Porter  Omaha, Nebraska^

  from Toma Rosen's journals. . .

    Weed-cat waits   purring
    resting at my window sill--
    only entering when invited
    unless of course
    when supper's on the grill

    he boldly saunters
    into the kitchen light
    if this day's special
    meets his approval

^artist^ Paula Yup  Spokane, Washington

^artist^ Lone Crow. . .  we miss you            

mosquito lovefest
scratching my way             subway in motion
through summer                       wheels sing lullabies
                                                  passengers fall asleep

            ^poet Patricia Carragon  Brooklyn, New York^

                                          ^poets/artists Tama and Frosty^


                           Like light
                           throwing its rays,
                           you shine.

                           Like wind,
                           you blow away

                           Like seed,
                           you blossom
                           new living.

   ^poet Ndongolera C. Mwangupili    Mzuzu, Malawi^ 

            connecting flight your hand in mine

^poet Joanna M. Weston  Shawinigan Lake, British Columbia^

Frosty: "You know, Mister Editor, creating this post has been a lovely endeavor". . .  "quite poignant, too," states Tama. . .

Noble assistant editors, thank you for selecting these fine poets and their poetry. . . now, it's time for us to have our treats!

see you in a moment

ayaz daryl nielsen

                    darylayaz@gmail.com (and/or) darylayaz@me.com

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