Saturday, April 22, 2017

VALDOR!, our Barcelona poet, with Paulo Freire! (plus a touch of Bob Dylan)

"We're always delighted when we hear from our very favorite Barcelona
España poet VALDOR!" asserts assistant editor Tama...                           

"and!" states noble assistant
editor Frosty, "he sent us an
awesome quote from 
Paulo Freire!"

 "En el conflicto entre el poderoso y el desposeido, no intervenir no significa ser neutr al, sino ponerse lado del poderoso"
[Written by educator Paulo Freire (1921-1997, from his 'Pedagogy of the Oppressed', Portuguese: 'Pedagogia do Oprimido'), a humane, heart-oriented pedagogy between teacher, student, and society]

Rotten Old Road                                      (VALDOR)
                                                          "... Your old way
                                                              is eaten away,
                                                   please let pass the new
                                              if you can not lend a hand
                                            because times are changing. "

                                                                (Bob Dylan)

The appearance of times
constantly changes,
mutating actions, ideas and ambitions,                          
updating the marbled iron of gene homo's 
changing shapes and colors,
seemingly casting the same
hypocritical shadow over our
past and our potential futures.

Times change ... it is inevitable ...
let us have the song of the sirens,
the aura of legendary myths
held within the hands of history,
Knead the voracious pantomime of fame,
of money, and the possibility
of lives lived at the expense
of the real call to what our work
is and needs to be.

Penance exists, doesn't expire,
is neither young or old,
even as the old voracious
shadow remains upright,
even though our sites and light can
deftly move; you can lend your hand
to the validity of the new and worthy
within changing times without
imposing the assumptions
and trampling techniques of
the rotten old road, 
of consumerism.
                (Traducción del castellano:  Tony Ribell)

noble assistant editors, well done...
should we stop here to ponder what we've just read?...

mews of assent!

see you in a moment

ayaz daryl nielsen


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