Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Rex Sexton, his artwork: DEEP SIX Harmony in Diversity (Philadelphia)

assistant editor Tama: "we deeply miss our dear friend Rex, but/and!  
his artwork continues to appear in the loveliest of homes!"

"Yes!" from 
assistant editor Frosty...
"Thank you, Rochelle,
for sending us two 
of Rex's masterpieces 
which will be present, 
among many others, at the

                  Old City Jewish Art Center   
                     119 N. 3rd St.
                     Philadelphia, PA  19106"

                     May 1st through May 28th
                   215 627-2792

Frosty:  "lucky Philadelphia- Tama, Philadelphia is a long way from
Longmont, Colorado- do you think we'll be able to go?"

Tama- "Mister Editor, what do you think?"

Noble assistants, we will, at the very least, be there in heart and soul
among our beloved friend Rex's artwork- and! 
there are five other worthy artists who will have artwork on display:
Melvin Chappell, John A. Benigno, Sheldon Strober
Susan Richards, and! Mikel Elam!

another from Rex:

Tama:  "This one really touches my heart, doggy and all..."
Frosty  "Extra treats for Rochelle!?!"

Extra treats for all of us, noble assistants... thank you, Rochelle!
We aren't able to present a completely clear poster on 
                 DEEP SIX  Harmony in Diversity  (my fault)
but, we all can check it out ("we will check it out!", states Tama) at     their website


time for everyone's special treats! 

see you in a moment

ayaz daryl nielsen


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