Sunday, April 2, 2017

Patricia Carragon: INNOCENCE Cathy Porter: EXIT SONGS

Brooklyn writer Patricia Carragon
loves cupcakes, chocolate, cats and haiku.
Patricia hosts Brownstone Poets and is editor-in-chief of its annual
anthology.  She is an executive
director for Home Planet News Online.

Frosty: "and we love Patricia Carragon!
Greetings, kitty cat Sam!"

for more info., check out her websites:


              Roller Coaster Ride    by Patricia Carragon

                We were approaching the last stop,
                Coney Island - Stillwell Avenue,
                but the N train didn't stop -

                it continued upward on tracks
                that rose above the station
                until it made that sudden descent

                and plunged into the ocean
                where the real mermaids waited
                over an hour to get on.  

Tama:  "Cathy Porter has been our friend
and compadre in various nefarious
(but worthy!) poetic endeavors for
many years, and her successes,
as with having this collection of her
poetry published by

DULCET  dancing girl press and studio

are beautiful.  Congratulations on
this most excellent collection 
of your poems, Cathy!"


            You would be the first to correct
            the inconsistencies regarding your 
            legacy and demise – inflated egos
            and rumors never sat well with 
            Virginia Hensley.  From Arthur Godfrey 
            to Carnegie Hall, you proved that the
            women could do it every bit as well
            as the men, and sometimes better.
            Charlie had your back - even in the fights 
            that had Nashville tongues rolling at 
            a record pace - you dished it out
            just as fast as you took it all in;
            word got out that you didn’t
            mess with The Cline. That plane
            finished off what the car crash couldn’t, 
            but the voice remains for the girl 
            singers who come to Nashville in bulk,
            all with sweet dreams of being 
            the next Patsy

Cathy Porter also has two chapbooks available from Finishing Line Press: A Life In The Day (2012), and Dust And Angels (2014). Her poem Clocked In was nominated for a Pushcart Prize. She serves as a Special Editor for Fine Lines Journal, based in Omaha, NE. Cathy lives with her husband Lenny and their golden retriever Lucky, along with the two cat-dog sidekicks Cody and Mini. She can be contacted at

Frosty:  "greetings, Cody and Mini and Lucky!  Thank you, Patricia Carragon!, and, Cathy Porter!, for writing so incurably excellently, and, especially, for sharing it with all of us!
And! Isn't it time all of us had their very special treats?"

yes, noble assistants!    treats for everyone!  

see you in a moment

ayaz daryl nielsen


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