Saturday, April 15, 2017

beloved poets Judith Partin-Nielsen and Patricia Carragon! plus: Chris 'Cricket' Faiers! and, Don Wentworth!

assisatant editor Tama:                     
"April is poetry month! 
(and my birthday!) So!  
Let's do a post
with poems from 
my favorite poets!"

Frosty, assistant editor:
"We have so many favorite
poets, we'll have to 
do numerous posts, won't we?  
and Happy Birthday, Tama!
Mister editor, extra treats for Tama today!?!"    
Extra treats for everyone today, Frosty, and!  
Excellent suggestion, Tama!  
Which poets would you have us begin with?

Tama and Frosty: "Patricia Carragon!  Hi, kitty-cat Sam!  
            And our beloved Judith Partin-Nielsen!  
And dear friend, the Canadian Cricket hisself, Chris Faiers!
            And a visit from our longtime hero, Don Wentworth!"

                  no time like the present no time


little twitch and gone . . . this world              Don Wentworth


                            Migrations #1
                                                In Memoriam
                                                José Angel Alfano Solana             

We crossed over the border
I won’t say how
and what can I say of
freezing desert nights
black sky blazing stars
then searing, burning sun
tearing into flesh
relentless, relentless
the walking, and fear
then- - - - - - -running, running
as sand clouds appear
against the far sky
running, running- - -and then
I lost you and Juan and
the girl running, running
and falling face down
breathing sand and
dreaming, dreaming of naranjas and
water, rain falling and
phantoms unfurling like giant
sails across the desert floor
and the pounding, pounding of
ocean waves in my ears
and then- - - - -the face, the face
of El Senõr

Judith Partin-Nielsen
(poem first published in New Verse News)

Walking to meditation
through fresh snow

                                              red wine and Stones
                                              oatmeal cookies baking
                                              reading your book

                                               Chris 'Cricket' Faiers

Frosty:  "this, our must visit with Mr. Cricket hisself at:

      Riffs & Ripples from ZenRiver Gardens

from Patricia Carragon's new collection INNOCENCE


                     Some people try
                     to chaperone my life,
                     keep me with boundaries.
                     They're always right
                     and I'm always wrong.

                     Don't break the rules!
                     Shut up and dance!
                     You need to fit in!

                     I whirl past them,
                     tell them off.
                     Egos self-destruct--
                     their dogs break free
                     with tails wagging.

                     "and kitty-cats break free, too!"  states Frosty

Tama:  "before birthday treats, can we have more from Mr. Wentworth?"

you betcha, noble assistants. . .

silence falls, too,
on the roof of the house
of rain

                               one noble truth leaf after leaf after leaf

                   GRAND UNIFIED THEORY

                       the moment

especially you, Tama!  Happy Birthday!
"and extra treats!" states Frosty

see you in a moment

ayaz daryl nielsen


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