Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Window Left Open, ayaz daryl nielsen's haiku chapbook, released by Prolific Press!

Encouraging allsortsahfolks everywheres' to engage with, perhaps review, and/or- purchase! Prolific Press's release of our chapbook, Window Left Open... thirty-six haiku, formerly published in such loverly homes as Shamrock (The Irish Haiku Association), Lilliput Review, Cheap Seats, SHEMOM, and Whisper's In The wind...
to be purchased online from
Prolific Press Bookstore                    

from us (Tama, Frosty 
and ayaz daryl) 
for $10, sent to:

PO Box 596, 
Longmont, CO  

Tama suggests:  'if you really want a copy, just send us postage (let's say $3), and we'll send you a copy'...

from Frosty:  'or just ask us for a copy, and we'll send you one'

        Tama: 'let's show everyone two or three of our poems!'

              yes, noble assistant editors, excellent ideas...

                                  raindrops smattering

                                   across the driveway

                                  all they are, revealed

  your scent

more than the

  letter itself

                            kestrel hovering

                                  so, too, 

                               the moment

well, such a blessing, having Window Left Open published by Prolific Press, and!  we still have twenty books we want to review!

Tama, 'including loverly poets and artists such as George Held and Angelee Deodhar, all of them also dear friends!'

States Frosty, 'now, let's spend the remainder of this day organizing our upcoming words, posts, poems, and, treats! Including Judy!' 

Excellent, Tama, Frosty- and let's all begin with treats!
                      (Meows and purrs abound)

see you in a moment

ayaz daryl nielsen


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