Monday, March 20, 2017

Ode to Joy (times two)... George Held, Phased II, and! t. kilgore splake, GHOST LIGHT

assistant editor Tama: 'two most favorite poets and recent collections 
of their poetry!'

George Held, Phased II


t. kilgore splake,

from Poets Wear Prada, George Held's 'poems of the moon's human attributes', 'full-throated and alive'

'including haiku!' states assistant editor Frosty...

 Full moon --
                                                 They roost
nothing to say                               one by one --
                                             crows at moonrise


'here's my favorite'
states Tama...

Moon In Well 

Moon in well, 
illusion it fell

there.  Still,
its image sits

there, in deep
silence, profound

stillness, silence.
Well, well. . .

Front cover photo by Kunihiko Mitzutani, author photo                 
by Cheryl Filsinger
from Poets Wear Prada, Hoboken, New Jersey...ISBN 9780997981100

from Gage Printing Company: t. kilgore splake's GHOST LIGHT                             

'you know, this 
recent photo of t. kilgore 
says all
that needs to be said'

Tama: 'here's my favorite
GHOST LIGHT poem...                        

     mysterious surprises

   ginsberg's sutra wisdom
      beyond bleak lives
   golden sunflowers grow
   hans christian anderson
   ugly unwanted duckling
   suddenly beautiful swan
     fat furry caterpillar
       weaving cocoon
emerging magnificent butterfly
   drunk college professor
      sipping black coffee
       writing first poem
   experiencing holy feeling
       beginning new life

'let's all send t. splake several
post cards and/or emails
stating 'all these years, and still so well done'

                          t. kilgore splake
                          25214 ash street
                          calumet, mi  49913

Tama...  'let's google both gentlemen, and learn all we can about two of our most established and esteemed poets!'

indeed, noble assistants, and we are fortunate to have copies of both their recent (and many of their past) poetry collections

Frosty:  'how 'bout we settle in
with a few treats and                    
read their poems to Judith?'

yes, Frosty!
and let's do it right now

see you in a moment

ayaz daryl nielsen


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