Tuesday, March 7, 2017

bear creek haiku #139: poets Patricia Carragon, Joy Leftow, Carl Mayfield, t kilgore splake, Don Wentworth, artists: Rex Sexton and Paula Yup


assistant editor 
Tama:  'here are just a few of the loverly poets and poems from the heart 
of print 
bear creek haiku #139'

and assistant 
editor Frosty:  
'they are the extra-special treats for the rest of us!'

('all my stories' 
first appeared in 
Gabriel Sawicki's 
a haiku journal)

    In the evening when the trees
    are in recovery from sunlight
    the color and sound of new leaves
    passes between worlds, more worlds
    than we can bear in this life.
    Not needing a name to find their way,
    the trees emerge at first light
    with a fluttering hello, simple one:
    you new in town?

                Carl Mayfield
                Rio Rancho  New Mexico

    hanging low
    the willow
    with the

                 writing haiku
                 while I walk,
                 before I know it -

                 but where?

Don Wentworth  Pittsburgh Pennsylvania

^thank you, Rochelle!^
 Brooklyn, New York

                             like tombstones
                             the rocks remember
                             each flower that died                                    

a praia dorme
         a maré, um corbertor
                   a lua assiste

the beach sleeps
         the tide, a blanket
                    the moon watches

         behind Brooklyn Bridge
         walls of gray mist hide skyline
         delusional rain

 Chanukah candles
 8 days of light
 defeat the darkness

              Patricia Carragon
              Brooklyn  New York
                                                                ^Paula Yup^
                                                          Spokane  Washington


        poet's driven habits

      ignoring everyone else
         those talking arts

                   t kilgore splake
                   calumet  michigan


I wonder when I

Forgot to sing my love song

Maybe time lost love
^Rex Sexton  miss ya^              Joy Leftow   New York  New York

this post, created by noble editorial assistants Tama and Frosty-
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