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Angelee Deodhar: JOURNEYS 2017, and! Joy Leftow: TUPELO HONEY

Tama, assistant editor:                                                                                                    
'Two of our bestest friends          
('and most favorite people',
states assistant ed. Frosty)
have had their latest 
('and loveliest', says Frosty)
creative endeavors published!'
'And they are must reads!'
again, Sir Frosty)

haibun, first used by Matsuo Bashō,
is now well established in world 
literature, and continues to evolve...

"haibun is a descriptive prose
scene, a special moment, or a 
wholly fictional, dreamlike space.  
The accompanying haiku directly and/or 
subtly relates to the prose, hinting
at/enhancing the heart 
essence of a haibun"

Angelee Deodhar has been/is/and,
we hope, will be everywhere in the 
creative writing/publishing community worldwide,
including! (from Miriam Sagan):

'There are ten poetry posts on Santa Fe Community College’s campus. I’m still curating them, if retired. Yesterday I walked the posts and put up 10 haibun from Angelee Deodhar in India. They speak of her many journeys, inner and outer.'

Haibun travels from India to Santa Fe thanks to Miriam Sagan first-international- contributor-angelee-deodhar/                    and!

Angelee Deodhar's new book Journeys 2017the third anthology of international haibun is now available on Amazon.
Edited by Angelee Deodhar, it has a total of 133 haibun, the work of 29 poets of international repute.
This is the link for ordering the anthology from Amazon:

Joy Leftow, newly wed! (chorus of congratulatory
meows from assistant editors, Judith, and I!) and! with a new collection of her poems just released!

My Puter

My computer is who I am
I type my secret thoughts 

they move into reality 
Everything about me is there 
in my puter’s desktop

Who I am, my purchases
over several years,
made by internet of course
my music, my photos, my monies,

Its all there
my poetry, short stories, my novels 

my screenplay uh, oh,
Wrote a few on a typewriter

Only hard copies there,
Oh well - almost everything
Still have hard copies of a few things
s all my letters, business correspondence

Everything, my entire life 
stands there before me 
in my computers gaze

Joy Leftow 

violetwrites on twitter, linked in, reverberation and youtube

Tama:  Angelee and Joy (Frosty: 'such lovely names!'), 
Journeys 2017  An Anthology of International Haibun, Edited by Angelee Deodhar, 
Tupelo Honey and other tales by Joy Leftow...

Tama:  'we have our copies!'                           

Frosty:  'here's hoping you 
have your copies, too!'

well done, 
noble assistant editors...
treats for everyone!
(many happy meows, 
including mine)

see you in a moment

ayaz daryl nielsen


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