Wednesday, August 9, 2017

poetry from our friends: Dorothy McLaughlin, Michael Dylan Welch, Ann Christine Tabaka, Cathy Porter, Carl Mayfield, Joanna Weston, Stephanie Hiteshew, t. kilgore splake, and! Dennis Saleh!

assistant editor Tama: "poetry from dear friends..." 

assistant editor Frosty,
"Tama, we have so many 
poets as friends!"

"True, Frosty," replies Tama, 
"Poetry has been 
and continues to be 
blessing for us..."

Tama and Frosty, insisting:
"Hurry, Mister Editor! We need to share the sanctity of poetry within our posts!  This post!"

Yes, noble assistants! And, here we go!...

poet Dorothy McLaughlin   Somerset, New Jersey:

cloudy night                                      
empty window where
the moon belongs

       who noticed
       the newborn's
       first shadow?

                light and shadow
                for the day

   poet Michael Dylan Welch
   Sammamish, Washington:

vacant nude beach-
my skipping stone disappears
into the fog
           organ arpeggios-
           dust trembling                         rain in the sandbox-
           in the slanted cathedral light        a common sparrow
                                                     shakes its tail

poet Ann Christine Tabaka   Hockessin, Delaware:            

tattered seams                                                  
the soft comfort of
old worn blue jeans

                   at day break
                   soft whiskers tickle my noses
                   kitty kisses

    "Everyone needs their noses kitty kissed!"- Frosty

poet Cathy Porter   Omaha, Nebraska:

kitchen windows open
Tehano music
dances inside
                                       midnight darkness
                                       summer moon
                                       walks us home
      cheek to cheek
      behind the ride
      county fair

                        on the patio
                        two empty chairs blown over
                        Saturday sleep in

               poet Carl Mayfield   Rio Rancho, New Mexico:

     line in the sand-
         whip snake
     easing under the gate                     in my chest
                                                      that drum
                                                    risking everything

       poet Joanna Weston   Shawinigan lake, British Columbia:

                    connecting flight your hand in mine

poet Stephanie Hiteshew
                  Columbia, Maryland:


    one blue moon
    ing the wind.


               stale maple leaf
               fresh on the river.

poet t. kilgore splake
calmet, michigan:

   sun shining through clouds
   ghosts and angels
   looking down on earth

poet  Dennis Saleh
Seaside, California:


I care
not, what

I cry
"Give me

Noble assistant editors, shall we end our poetry post?

"So many lovely poets and poetry- we'll close for today, but we'll be back tomorrow!," states Tama

Maybe not tomorrow, Tama, but we'll be back soon!
Frosty, do you think it's time for extra special treats?

"Mister Editor, it's always time for poetry, poets, and!
                                                         extra special treats!"

see you in a moment

ayaz daryl nielsen


Saturday, August 5, 2017

Dennis Saleh, t. kilgore splake, Lysa Collins, Diane Webster, Ndongolera Mwangupili, p. l. wick, Patricia Carragon, Bijay Kant Dubey, and! Peggy Dugan French!

assistant editor Frosty:  
'Tama, we haven't honored
the finest of our poets 
for over a month because
of our moving across town!"                               

"So true, Frosty," replies 
assistant editor Tama... 
"Mister Editor, today
we will create 
a new post!"

Noble assistants, we're settled
in our new home, and, yes, 
let's be busy with the poets 
we know and so appreciate!  And we will create a new post 
every week...
"Loverly!" mew Tama and Frosty

from bear creek haiku print issue #140 (to be mailed soon)
                                                  "Hopefully," states Frosty...

Dennis Saleh  Seaside, California:

                            An Encounter

                            A fellow to his shadow,
                            "What took you so long?"
                            I've been waiting all...
                            Give me a moment,
                            would you."
                            Shadow replies,
                            "That's fine.
                            Another time.
                            There's always
                            plenty of that."

Frosty, "from one of our best"
t. kilgore splake  Calumet, Michigan:
   early morning breeze                     neighborhood houses
  small branches swaying                      all windows dark
     like restless heart                        little theaters quiet

           wow!  Lysa Collins   White Rock, British Columbia:

                                and the summer breeze
                                softly whispers                                  
                                 -  home


Diane Webster   Delta, Colorado:

                                                     FALLS EXHAUSTED

During the windstorm
grasses tickle
the stone with no mercy
until it rolls down
the hill into the road
and lies exhausted.

"Mister Editor, when we have completed this post, let's go find
a breeze through grasses that will tickle us!"

             You betcha, Frosty... now, back to our poets!

Ndongolera C Mwangupili   Mzuzu, Malawi:


              Like light
              throwing its rays,
              you shine.                                 

              Like wind,
              you blow away

              Like seed,
              you blossom
              new living.

p l wick   Empire, Colorado:

            walking through
            sycamore leaf-carpet
            often  I hesitate to listen
            for your rustling paw-stride.
            and though
            now there is only silence -

            you are always at my side

Patricia Carragon   Brooklyn, New York:

CATKU  (three extra cheers for Ms Carragon!
                from Tama and Frosty)

by the window
        a snowflake meltdown
        amuses the cat

                 like cat's eyes
                 doors to inner space
                 open and shut

                               (for Alison Ross)

                               progressive claws
                               send political machines
                               to the shredder

               Bijay Kant Dubey   West Bengal   India:

                            Man and Woman

                            Two characters
                            Man and woman,
                            How to paint them
                            Whispering in the dark
                            Behind the curtain of the scene?

and, from our dear friend Peggy Dugan French   Cardiff, California:

    each turn                             spots of fur 
    intoxicating                           still cover spaces
jasmine blooming                        where you used to sleep
                                             only a memory exists

Frosty, Tama and I "we miss her too, Peggy..."

well, noble assistants, we have completed this post, the first
of many more!  Shall we go seek the wind-blown grass that tickles, and then have some treats?
                  (many happy mews from all of us)

see you in a moment

ayaz daryl nielsen


Wednesday, June 21, 2017

poetry: Lysa Collins! Karen O'Leary! Vivian Bolland Schroeder! Diane Webster! Judy Katz-Levine! Joanna M. Weston! Judith Partin-Nielsen! and, Patricia Carragon!

and the summer breeze
softly whispers
 - home                   

      Lysa Collins
      White Rock, British Columbia

                             willows wafting
                             in the wind

                                   Karen O'Leary
                                   West Fargo, North Dakota

    Red Hat Mamas Day
    Sizzling red lace lingerie
    My wild side appeased

          Vivian Bolland Schroeder
              Humble, Texas

                                           HERON STILL

The blue heron stands as still
as the rock in the pond
while rain patters the surface
like hundreds of fish rippling
in applause when the heron
hunches into flight away.

      Diane Webster
         Delta, Colorado

                      Spring Text Flower

                      Night sweeps down a soulful eye
                      there came a teaching from the wind
                      my fingers tremble as grass

                            Judy Katz-Levine
                            Norwood, Massachusetts

connecting flight your hand in mine          

Joanna M. Weston
Shawinigan Lake, British Columbia

                           things unfold
                           as they do
                           and even in that
                           there is                     
                           a special beauty

                           Judith Partin-Nielsen
                                      Longmont, Colorado

from across the street
I watch you
turn out your nightlight
no ill intent
just longing

                          we hit our stride
                          when we wear
                          the others shoes

              Cathy Porter  Omaha, Nebraska

subway in motion
        wheels sing lullabies
                passengers fall asleep

         hearing the birds
         not the train

         Patricia Carragon  Brooklyn, New York

Frosty: "Tama, we've chose all
women poets for this issue..."                              

Tama:  "Frosty, isn't it great!?!"

Frosty, replying, "You know, Tama, it does make me feel really good... mister editor,
what do you think?"

Noble assistant editors, we've all earned some 
extra special treats tonight!...
(a chorus of happy meows) 
(including mine)

see you in a moment

ayaz daryl nielsen


Monday, June 12, 2017

our friends, their fine poetry: James B. Peters, Toma Rosen, Carl Mayfield, Patricia Carragon, Peggy Dugan French, Joanna Weston, Ndongolera C. Mwangupili, Rex Sexton, and! Judith Partin-Nielsen

A stream                              old dog stares
runs through the valley,             long and questionly
Bits of comfort                       into the
Are found                                stove's beckoning flames
In kind words
                                         a quiet moof of melancholy
  James B. Peters
  Cottontown, Tennessee                                      Toma Rosen
                                                          Mt Baldy Zen Center, California

poets were selected by noble assistant editors Frosty and Tama:

  line in the sand-                         somewhere nearby
     whip snake                                  a rooster
easing under the gate                     gives it another try

                            Carl Mayfield
                                     Rio Rancho, New Mexico

Tama:  "mister editor, we                                
never include a picture
of you in our posts"
Frosty:  "how 'bout it?"
here you are, noble assistants...

         Judith, suggesting
         "that picture looks very familiar..."

mosquito lovefest
scratching my way
through summer

                        behind Brooklyn Bridge
                        walls of gray mist hide skyline
                        delusional rain

                                                  like cat's eyes
                                                  doors to inner peace
                                                  open and shut

Patricia Carragon  Brooklyn, New York
                                              Tama:  "gotta love Brooklyn"

                       haiga by Tama, Frosty, Judith

spots of fur                                          
still cover spaces
where you used to sleep
only a memory exist

Peggy Dugan French
     Cardiff, California

Savannah, we're missing you...

connecting flight your hand in mine

Joanna Weston  Shawnigan lake, British Columbia, Canada



Like light
throwing its rays,
you shine.

Like wind,
you blow away

Like seed,
you blossom
new living.

Ndongolera C. Mwangupili
       Mzuzu, Malawi

                                              haiga by Judith Partin-Nielsen
                                                      Longmont, Colorado

art by Rex Sexton... 

of you, Rex.

                      Der Blaue Reiter (Blue Rider)

                      Blues, oh so blue
                      bluesman, Blues Brothers
                      Blessed Virgin blue -
                      blue wave, blue
                      dolphin riding - blue -
                      blue, Stevie Ray blue
                      guitar and blow that sax
                      jazz man bluesman,
                      blue, blue bluer than
                      that cold blue night
                      blue moon, blue Miles
                      blowing that blue Bitches
                      Brew, Kind of Blue, blue
                      rain, Blue Note - blue trumpet
                      blowing blue, blue
                      and so gone, gone and
                      blue blown blues away

                                               poet Judith Partin-Nielsen

see you in a moment

ayaz daryl nielsen


Wednesday, June 7, 2017

"poetry, just for fun"- Frosty and Tama


          us, together-
          as if their
          work is done
          our dogs, asleep,

unkempt words, joining
unfolding, becoming
wayward byways
of resilience, of
heightened awareness
pursued to
resplendent byways
      from just beyond
         an everyday thought


                Waking, your arms stretch beyond the pillows
                legs flex as toes point toward the foot of our bed 
                yawning, your breasts rise, thighs quiver... lying 
                quietly beside you, it’s as if I, too, am soaring 
                within your unflinching forgiveness and grace.

Within these hollow cities                                  

the pallor of shallow nights 
when sleep isn’t enough 
The loneliness of those 
born to sing, empty acolytes 
brave enough to hear a 
whispered presence and 
wear invisible robes of gold, 
who have had time for mistakes 
and move on to a grateful 
sense of sweetness, the 
sweet embrace of the genuine 
Because we are, after all, always 
somehow someone that is needed.

                    The ballad of our hearts

                    endowing and inhabiting
                    touching and melting
                    two who have met
                    taking the world in hand
                    forgetting nothing
                    forgiving everything
                    embellishing salt-sweetness
                    while turning love into ink.

                                this earth we live on
                                betoaded and cawified   
                                naked heart and toes

assistant editor Tama, insisting 'this post was extra-special fun..."
"yes!" says assistant editor Frosty, "what say you, mister editor?"
noble assistant editors, heartfelt thanks, and, it's time for treats!
(hoorays from everyone, including Judith)

see you in a moment

ayaz daryl nielsen


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