Tuesday, May 31, 2016

homes for your poems

ass't. ed's Tama and Frosty with a 
Memorial Day request (ok, demand): 

"Let's do all we can to 
get our own poet's poetry memorialized!"
(published). . .  noble 
suggestion, feline 
companions!  We'll 
share publications (print 
and/or online) that 
have nourished our own 
poetic endeavors (with treats afterwards)

Frosty: "you haven't started yet?"

Tama adores these two homes for poems - Whispers in the Wind, ed. Karen O'leary, constantly active online and known worldwide (Karen and I were both nurses, yup) visit at whispersinthewind333.blogspot.com, touch in with/get to know/send poetry to kareno'leary1956@gmail.com

Kind of a Hurricane Press    From founder A J Huffman, 'we want to do it all":  and they are, and it's loverly, online and print - anthologies, poetry reviews, poetry chapbooks (one of mine, Rain in the Night Wind, soon to be released), several publications (haiku to High Coupe), various honors to deserving poems/poets, go there soon as you can with your best, and start submitting

Tama, Frosty, let's pick up our pace, or we won't 
have treats until midnight
                                                                                                "get going!" from Frosty. . .

so! here are homes for our poems, homes we respect and appreciate  - will send you to websites (if they have one)

but, first, two amazingly extensive worldwide resources for publishers/lovers of haiku and related forms:  New Zealand Poetry Society - Haiku, Tanka, Haiga and Haibun (FreeXpresSion, which published our poems 20+ years ago, is listed here, as is Poetry Quarterly)

and, Database of Small Presses and Publishers | Poets and Writers hundreds of homes for poems, chapbooks, et al. (one quickly learns how to navigate through the plethora therein, also, each new issue is online with an update of calls for poetry manuscripts and submissions)

but, second, from Tama: all poets should have extended interactions with two publications, aforementioned Poets and Writers, also World Literature Today, from the U of Oklahoma (one of the last issue's features was women poets of Azerbaijan), both also at Barnes and Noble

Frosty: but, no thirds!

Shemom   print pub., poetry to dear friend 
Peggy Dugan French:  pdfrench@cox.net

Trajectory  Writing That Illuminates  another lovely pub., guidelines at www.trajectoryjournal.com (postal submissions)

bear creek haiku  yup, that's us, guidelines 
in last post (May 1st)

Cheap Seats  unique/worthy print pub., contact ed. p l wick 
(the Han-shan of Colorado) for guidelines (postal submissions)

The Stray Branch, online, ed. Debbie Berk:
thestraybranchlitmag@yahoo.com - am especially fond of this pub., a home to dear friend/poet/artist Rex Sexton, who recently passed on

Eye On Life Magazine  online, appreciated over the years, including how they archive poems, visit site/submit there

Ascent Aspirations Magazine  online, ed. David Fraser now focuses on 'Friday poems', very actively seeking poetry

Verse Wrights  online, ed. Carl Sharpe has a distinguished poetry site, many more need to connect/share their poetry - I learned how to create a worthy cover letter through Mr Sharpe  versewrights@gmail.com 

Origami Poetry Project  www.origamipoems.com  ed. Laura Burke and staff know how to honor your poetry with their micro-chapbooks, you'll receive ten copies and other print copies can be downloaded online (my micro-chapbook is proof of love) A genuine sweetness emanates from their endeavors

holy you betcha's, it's midnight!  Tama and Frosty are asleep (and without their treats! we'll just have some with breakfast) - we have much more to share with you, so we'll create a second post tomorrow - our expectation is to hear from you and the successes you have submitting poetry to above publications -

finally! (for tonight) a very special blog, Riffs and Ripples from ZenRiver Gardens, from Canadian haijin Chris Faiers, 'swirling currents of earth magic and shamanism'

see you in a moment

ayaz daryl nielsen


Sunday, May 1, 2016

submitting poems to bear creek haiku (anna yin, jo balistreri, don wentworth, karen o'leary, john mcdonald, kelley jean white, and! patricia carragon!)

    Today, thirty-some postal poetry submissions arrived in one big bundle, forwarded from our old post office address (some sent seven months old, but, warmly welcomed) A fair number of my poets do not use email, and, if they haven't submitted recently, or, a poet read about bear creek somewhere without an updated address - it's all understandable
    70% of our poems are sent by postal delivery, and the correct address is: bear creek haiku, p.o. box 596, longmont, co 80502 USA (SASE's are appreciated)  
    If from another country, email is best: darylayaz@gmail.com, and/or, darylayaz@me.com  (do include your postal mailing address)
    American poets/friends, prefer submitting by email? You know 
                                it's all loverly.  


         Tama and Frosty, a few 
         of their favorite poets from
         bear creek haiku #134. . .

haiku in Shakespeare

hidden in sonnets                         baby asleep
who art thou?                              in a sunbeam:
winds flip pages                           wrapped in light years

shaking against cold                      (john mcdonald
yellow leaves lament                      edinburgh  scotland) 
the ashes of youth

(anna yin   mississauga  ontario)

                      Each morning I arise
                      roll back the stone of sleep
                      walk into the light
                      as if I myself am the source.
                  (jo balistreri   genesee depot  wisconsin)
                    a photo of Jo arising in the morning:


anonymous blossom
  signing its work
    precisely             (don wentworth   pittsburgh  pennsylvania)

e. . .
the beginning
of all                    (karen o'leary   west fargo  north dakota) 

                   snow blowing off the roof all day
                   in the window
                           (kelley jean white   laconia  new hampshire)

frosty - "finally, a cat poem!  'bout time!"
tama - "how about one more before treats?". . .
     yes, fearless ass't. ed's, one more, then, treats for everyone!

                 (patricia carragon   brooklyn  new york)

see you in a moment

ayaz daryl nielsen