Thursday, December 8, 2016

Yasuomi Koganei: "Haiku Poems and Short-short Stories", and! the Meguro International Haiku Circle!

assistant editor Tama:                                                   

"we're filled with excitement!
We have Yasuomi's
print collection of
poetry and writings
(in Japanese and English) 
and! a haiku collection 
from Meguro International 
Haiku Circle's workshops, 
July 2009 thru Dec. 2013!"
"and, they sent us kitty treats!" yelps assistant editor Frosty. . .

in the May breeze
  staring at ants
    the jobless

  God's finger
scratches the earth

central station
in the twilight--
suspended dreams

from the heartland of haiku and all related forms, we're
delighted Yasuomi sent us these two poetry books. . .

assistant editor Tama: "we must join the
Meguro International Haiku Circle!
Poets from so many lovely places!"

assistant editor Frosty, asking "from Croatia children?"
yes, Frosty, haiku from Croatian children, including
Robert Mic (thirteen years old) -

forest in the mist
the bare tips of a tree
reach the sky

"and the poetry, prose, haiga, international poetry festivals and workshops, everything one's haiku heart desires, and, in English and Japanese!" states Tama

"how about a poem from Stockholm?" asks Frosty. . .
Here's one, of several, from Robert Scott!

                           with the snow
                           a letter from home

Frosty, "what about a French Canadian poet?"  Yes, this anthology
has them, including no other than André Duhaime, awarded the Canada-Japan Literary Award:
                rain and hunger
                if Bashō brought me a banana
                I wouldn't say no

Frosty, about to say: "how about"/umm, Frosty, how about we soon taste the treats Yasuomi sent us?

"hooray for Yasuomi!", yelp happy assistant editors Tama and Frosty

HAIKU  2oth Anniversary  Meguro International Haiku Circle
Published by Meguro International Haiku Circle
editors: Chief: Yasuomi Koganei, also, Juichi Masuda, Kenichi Ikemoto, Michiko Murai, Yasuhiko Shirota, Midori Tanaka. . .

(Tama:  "we have many highly-respected Tanaka families here in Longmont, Colorado, USA!  They were instrumental in creation of
our five-story Pagoda of Compassion!")


and!  Haiku Poems and Short-short Stories
by Yasuomi Koganei
ISBN978-4-903944-18-0   COO92
why don't we all email these lovely folk with our curiousnesses about and support of their loverly creativeness?            

now, it's treats for everyone!
with happy mews from assistant editors Tama and Frosty

see you in a moment

ayaz daryl nielsen


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