Thursday, December 29, 2016

poets of bear creek haiku #137: Martha Christina, Bijoy Kumar Dubey, Chris Faiers, Ilma Fontes, Carl Mayfield, Bradley Mcilwain, Judith Partin-Nielsen, Teresinka Pereira, and! David Sermersheim!

"Welcome, friends!," 
from assistant editor tama 
"and here are some of the thirty-five poets on the pages of 
bear creek haiku #137!"                                                

"Can't help but love 'em all," 
asserts assistant editor 
frosty, "and! here we go..."

things unfold
as they do
and even in that
there is
a special beauty

judith partin-nielsen   longmont, colorado

               The Road
                 if the road is willing
                 and the way 
                 not to hard
                 we may meet again
                 at the end
                 of the beginning
                 and start again

                 david sermersheim  
                 westbrook, connecticut



           Poetry of man,
           Poetry of earth,
           Poetry of time,
           Share I with.

           Poetry of man,
           Poetry of life
           And poetry of the world
           Am I where?

           bijoy kumar dubey   
           west bengal, india

                      hawks soar
                      on the shortest day
                      of 2016

                                        chris faiers   marmora, ontario

muddy path
boots press on
always seeking

bradley mcilwain
brooklin, ontario

across the kitchen table
          our fingers
        losing the way

carl mayfield
rio rancho, new mexico


Into the fog,
five gulls
then, reappear,
like memories of you.        martha christina    bristol, rhode island


               Me?  Did I forget?   
                 I don't know any more what                  
                 I was looking for
                 But I know I did not find
                 a thing
                 I was not found
                 but I found myself
                 ah!  What did I say?
                 I don't know, I got lost
                 but it doesn't matter, soon
                 the wheel of life
                 will bring it back again.

                 ilma fontes  aracaju, brazil
                 teresinka pereira, translator
                 toledo, ohio

teresinka pereira, for all of us,

                              Happy 2017 are our 
                              wishes from my house
                              to your house!

assistant editors: "Everyone, Happy New Years, with extra special treats and unexpected blessings for all!"

see you in a 2017 moment

ayaz daryl nielsen



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