Thursday, November 17, 2016

The Poet's Dog by PATRICIA MacLACHLAN, poetically beauteous, filled with heart...

assistant editor's Tama and Frosty, elated by a tail they've discovered 'and we so want to share it with you', purrs Tama
'and that's tale, not tail,
mr. editor', 
mews frosty                           

sorry, noble assistants, 
just kidding! 
please, share your 
tale with us...

'this lovely story', 
says Tama, 'about Teddy,
by Patricia MacLachlan, 
speaks for itself, for kids,
for dogs, and for poets!'
'and kitties', adds Frosty 
'it's for and about all of us!' 

'But only poets
And children

'More, Teddy!"
Our hero, Teddy
the Irish wolfhound,
speaking to the poet
in all of us:

In a fierce winter storm
Nickel and Flora are brave
But afraid
A dog finds them
Speaks words
And brings them to shelter                    
The Poet's cabin
Has light and food
And love
But where is the Poet?
Teddy will tell the story
Of how words make poems
And connect those who hear
Each other'                        

surviving loss, recapturing love...
                                   our bookshelves need Teddy on them!

'And it will have a home among other lovely books we've reviewed for our young poets and our poetically young at heart', insists Tama

'Teddy's Sylvan will be waiting for Teddy on Rainbow Bridge, won't he, Tama' states Frosty

'yes, Frosty, that he will'
            Tama, purring. . .

The Legend of Rainbow Bridge
William N Britton
illustrated by
Dandi Palmer

'and we so love Anna Harper Freeman's
 'Love You More 
Than Anything', 
states Tama

Frosty: 'and we know her, too!'

illustrated by Jed Henry


by Eric Kimmel                      

illustrated by 
Trina Schart Hyman

'we're so fortunate to have our Hershel's', says Tama
'and our Teddy's!' adds Frosty

noble assistants, you have more than earned your treats. . . let's go have them!
A chorus of meows among our very fondest goodbye's 

see you in a moment

ayaz daryl nielsen

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