Saturday, November 5, 2016

homes for our poems...(and a visit from Angelee Deodhar's Catty Wagon!)

assistant editor Tama: 'quote from a cat named Pindar':             
'The poet who knows
knows much 
in his own nature'
Frosty: 'Pindar must be a 
Siamese, those cats know 
all about themselves'

umm, ok, noble assistant
editors, let's move 
into our post. . .
                                       worthy homes for our poems

this'n from Colorado's
own Cold Mountain
denizen, p l wick:

Cheap Seats 
Ticket To Ride

'yes', says Tama,
'we had some difficulty trying 
to create a clear
image- but!
poets can always
email p l wick- 
expect an 
intriguing flow
of thoughts, ideas
and poetry!':
p l wick
Cheap Seats
Ticket to Ride:

Tama and Frosty: 'hurrah! editor Karen O'leary! the nicest poetry editor we know, and she has such a gracious heart!'
Whispers in the Wind 
Whispers in the Wind, perhaps the nicest people and poets we have. . .

Marianne Szlyk, poems and flash fiction inspired by music, art, and nature, her blog-zine: The Song Is. . .  Any length, previously published fine.  Send your poetry to  
'music, art, and poetry! treats for kitties!' (assistant ed. Frosty)

 The Roaring Muse
above, a pathway to Duluth, Minnesota, home of The Roaring Muse 
Kind of a Hurricane Press    founder A J Huffman states 'we will do it all!', and they are, online and print: anthologies, best of, reviews, poetry chapbooks (one of mine, Rain in the Night Wind, soon to be released), et al., numerous publications including haiku to High Coupe, also Pyrokinection, Jellyfish Whispers, Mind[less]Muse, numerous honors for deserving poems/poets, be there soon as possible with your best! (oops, just found out Kind of a Hurricane Press is no more,
how sad!  Wishing A J Huffman all good things...)


'Until recently only Romanians were involved in this project, almost the whole site is in Romanian, but we encourage the submission of English texts, which can be published mainly in the “English” section, and also in other sections. We plan the translation of some other parts of the site into English. As the e-zine brings no income, we are sorry to announce that the contributions cannot be remunerated. The texts must be sent via e-mail to as .rtf or .txt attachments.'

tama:  three we love, even with 
about a year between accepted
poems and their publication. . .

Lilliput Review, ed. Don Wentworth
(a most favorite poet, also)
282 Main Street
Pittsburgh, PA  15201
much more online at Issa's Untidy Hut

Barbaric Yawp
3700 County Route 24
Russell, New York 13684
go to BoneWorld Publishing for further info.
ed. John Berbrich

submissions by mail to:
P.O. Box 131
Planetarium Station
New York, New York  10024
a print publication lovely and filled with 
heart, our poems between it's covers is, indeed, 
an honor

Tama:  'We all need to visit (and submit) to Ascent often because it's just loverly':
Friday's poems will be published weekly.  Submissions are now open.
Send your poems to                                                
Nanoose Bay, British Columbia

Frosty, excited, yelling 'look who's here!  
It's Angelee Deodhar and her Catty Wagon - and it's filled 
with treats for kitties!'

Welcome, Angelee, so good to see you!
'and the Catty Wagon!', insists Frosty

so, we are far from through sharing publications, print and online, that we hope will become homes for your poems... but, for now...
betcha Angelee has a few treats for humans, too!

see you in a moment

ayaz daryl nielsen


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