Saturday, October 1, 2016

mighty fine poets: Catfish McDaris, Carl Mayfield, Ada Aharoni, Cathy Porter, Lysa Collins, Ian Mullins, Nancy Shires, a thank you to Teresinka Pereira

assistant editor tama, insisting 'all the fine poems waiting in 
bear creek's home (that size 11 shoe box), let's honor as many 
as we can, and right now!"  
                              'treats included!' states assistant ed. frosty

yes, noble assistants, excellent suggestions. . .

and, here we go!   

                          New Orleans                                                
Dumpstaphunk smoking
gggirlz shake their mother nature
Trombone Shorty blows.

*Catfish McDaris           west allis, wisconsin

    Blank Look #811

                               dim grow
                               the eyes
                               of joy
                               yet nothing
                               is diminished

    *Carl Mayfield          rio rancho, new mexico

             Eve's Defense

             You didn't have to accept
             That shiny juicy apple
             Did you Adam dear?

             Please remove
             Musty fig leaves
             From your memory and ears
             And remember Adam dear,
             You were created
             From mere earth,
             Whereas I was sculpted
             From a much finer substance
             Finer than poetry
             Finer than gold.

             In the rush of your
             Heart's blood
             In the throbbing of your temples
             Remember Adam dear -
             I was created
             From pure human bone
             Your strong rib-bone
             Became me - Eve
             Mother of Life.

             Always remember
             Dearest Adam
             Free, independent Eve
             Is - You. 

                              *Ada Aharoni            haifa, israel

('I chose this one', states tama - and our thanks to *teresinka
pereira for sending us Mr. Aharoni's poetry!)


          we sit in the quiet
          sunset falls
          your head on my shoulder
          it doesn't get better                                                     

          we hit repeat
          count blessings and stars
          the honeymoon phase

          of permanency   

                  *Cathy Porter  omaha, nebraska

                       crossing the stream
                       with measured steps -
                       water striders
                       fall in behind

 *Lysa Collins    white rock, british columbia

                       salty milk smell
                       baby's cheek
                       slaps into mine

              *Ian Mullins  liverpool, england

in bed at night
thinking haiku only
looks like sleep
              *Nancy Shires  greenville, north carolina

'treats for everyone?', suggests frosty -  
yes, it's time for all of us to have our treats!  
frosty: 'plural, I like that'

see you in a moment

ayaz daryl nielsen

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