Friday, September 16, 2016

poets: Chris Faiers, Christina Sng, George Held, Teresinka Pereira, Catfish McDaris, Dennis Rhodes, and Bradley Mcilwain!

assistant editor Tama, putting her paw down: "we've been so 
busy moving, we haven't recently honored any 0f 
the poets we care about!"                              

assistant ed. Frosty, 
stating, "I'm putting 
four paws down 
in agreement! 
(we've been a 
little short on treats, also)"

yes, noble assistants, you are so right, and! here we go. . .

                           Chris Faiers
                        Marmora, Ontario

secrets revealed
with every step
in the dry stream bed
                                              faded mandalas
                                              carved in the wood
                                              of the old bridge
                crows discuss
                drought withered fields
                and wild red apples

Christina Sng

summer break
the cat's hotel                               water ripples
nicer                                         our cat tries to pat
                                               the goldfish

                 first day of summer
                 a raven feather
                 at the door

             ('gotta love Christina's cat poems' says Tama)


George Held  
  New York

                                           Too Few Submissions

                       Recipe for a failed literary magazine
                       in one simple guideline:

                      "We do not consider first-person
                       poems or fiction.”

                       Teresinka Pereira
                         Toledo, Ohio 

                       EARTH DAY 

                       The earth
                       is an enormous home,
                       strong and renewable
                       where our dreams
                       and our utopia survive.
                       The Earth is as recycled
                       as we are, beings
                       who live on the surface,
                       or in its cosmic space.
                       Viva the Earth
                       for the infinite treasure
                       it gives us!
                       We must have a special love
                       for everybody's Earth
                       and for the everyday Earth!

     Catfish McDaris
     West Alice, Wisconsin

                                                  The Desert

     Cochise’s dry hot tears
     skeletons of buffalo
     windstorm ghosts dry death.

Dennis Rhodes
Naples, Florida
                         A tortoise and a snail
                         had a race and no one
                         else noticed but me.

                         What to make of it?
                         Just that it's one of those things
                         alert poets see.

                         Would love to tell you who won--
                         had to go resume
                         my own race against time.

Bradley Mcilwain                        
Brooklin, Ontario

                                          muddy path -                             
                                          boots press on
  shallow stream                       always seeking
  a Heron dips her wings —
  vision taking flight

"we did it!" says Tama
"and this post just feels good," I reply. . .
Frosty, "yes! and now, everyone, it's time for treats!"

and, we will 
see you in a moment

ayaz daryl nielsen


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