Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Charles Bukowski 'a good poem can do almost anything'

"C. Bukowski ended his poems better than any other cat I've known" 
tama tells us. . .
"me ow", cries frosty   "other than frosty", tama replies
yes, noble assistant editors, and! a few of Charles Bukowski's concluding lines, and then, treats for all!
                                                            frosty's "meohhh!"   

'for the miracle of food and         
maybe  nobody  ever  angry             
again, this place and                  
all the other places                                      

for them
for me   
                                                        tama, "goodness,
                                                        how appropriate
     Angels,                                           for these days 
we have grown apart'                                of ours"

'eat a good pear today
so tomorrow                           'or at least
you can                                 take time
remember it'                            to turn the sauerkraut.' 

                      frosty: "I chose these!"

"and I'll close this post with the following" says tama. . .

        'writing stalks
        it knows no                                                  

        and writing 
        at itself,
        at pain.

        it is the last
        the last

        what it

'a good poem can make a broken mind
a good poem can let you shake hands
with Mozart,
a good poem can let you shoot craps
with the devil
and win,
a good poem can do almost anything,
and most important
a good poem knows when to

                  'as the wind breaks in from the sea
                  and time goes on 
                  flushing your bones with soft peace.'

and it's treats, 'not for either you and I, but for all the rest'
"correction, maestro" states frosty- "for all of us!"

ok, tama, frosty, let's see to it everyone (including us) 
has a treat today. . .   and, my thanks to assistant ed. tama for
editing Buck's ofttimes 'colorful' subject matter/verbiage

see you in a moment

ayaz daryl nielsen


above excerpts are from two of our favorites, Bukowski's
'The Roominghouse Madrigals' and 'Betting On The Muse',
Black Sparrow Press.   
               Our best to your own good writing!

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