Friday, August 19, 2016

The Legend of Rainbow Bridge by William N. Britton Illustrated by Dandi Palmer


"Until one has loved an animal,
      a part of one's soul
      remains unawakened.
                     ~Anatole France~

it seemed as if we'd lost our 
assistant ed. frosty "I was crying 
from the depths of my heart. . ." 
states assis't ed. tama (you and 
Judith and I, we all were, Tama) 
but!  due to some, gotta say it, 
apparent spiritual interventions, 
we haven't!  
    Here he is, all healthy and an even 
       improved irresistible rascal!

Seeking solace for our heartache, 
we turned to 
The Legend of Rainbow Bridge
(for children and adults of all ages) "healing words and comfort
for souls and hearts of countless animal lovers around the world"

a teaching/healing presence held by peoples all around our world (here, explained by a shaman, a religious philosopher of our native Sioux/Iroquois). . .

Just this side of heaven is the Rainbow Bridge. When our pets die, they run and play together, healed and happy, beside this bridge made of rainbows. . . and they are content, and! they are waiting,
waiting for their beloved human(s),
for you and I. . . and when we approach, they'll just know, and quickly will come to us - after a joyous reunion, together, we'll cross the Rainbow Bridge.

tama says, "if I'm the first to the Rainbow Bridge, I'll be waiting for frosty, and 
judith, and for you, mister editor daryl" and we for you, tama. . .  we'll all 
cross the Rainbow Bridge, together.

Love the animals,
Love the plants,
Love everything.
If you love everything, you will
   perceive the divine mystery in things.
Once you perceive it, you will begin to
   comprehend it better every day.
And you will come at last to love the
whole world with an all-embracing love.
                        ~Fyodor Dostoevsky~                                      

see you in a moment

ayaz daryl nielsen


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