Monday, August 1, 2016

on my knees before Dorothy Walters: "MARROW OF FLAME Poems of the Spiritual Journey"

poetry section of favorite used bookstore, seldom visit the lowest shelf (w, x, y and z) 'cause it's a matter of hands and knees ("should take me with you" grumbles assistant editor the froster). . .
so! on my knees, nose to the floor [bowing to poetry?], a revelation:  Dorothy Walters! now wishing I'd embraced this poet forty or so years ago ("never too late" from assistant editor tama)- the tumultuous incursion of heartfelt reviews (daniel ladinsky and andrew harvey included) 'with the heart of Rumi', 'etched in fire and ice', 'an extreme love affair with the Divine'. . . 
                                         "and they're right!" states tama

Dorothy Walters, her poetic depth akin Li Po, Rilke, Hafiz, a Wiccan princess, Ono No Komachi. . .

In The Forest

was a path
which led on,
and on as if an access
to a deeper realm--
a place where peripherals,
the eddies at the edge of things,
were all forgotten,
and I entered
a silence of green,
became a soundless vortex
moving through stillness.

from The Witch. . .
Since then I have lived here
at the edge of the woods
with my tabby and my charms,
my thatch needing repair.
My potions are famous
all over these parts.
When people come seeking
from near and from far,
they ask what goes in.
I mutter: "Roots and berries.
Berries and roots."
How can I tell them
it is themselves they taste?

MARROW OF FLAME   Poems of the Spiritual Journey
   Dorothy Walters         Hohm Press    ISBN: 0-934252-96-3

see you in a thatched hut

ayaz daryl nielsen
("and frosty!")  ("and tama!")                  (and/or)

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