Tuesday, August 9, 2016

from bear creek haiku #136: Mary Jo Balistreri, Catfish McDaris, A J Huffman, Jim Kacian, Karen O'Leary, Nancy Shires, Christina Sng, Donna Snow, and! T Kilgore Splake. . .

from assistant ed. frosty:                       

"my very favorite poets 
are in this 
soon-to-be issue"
and! assistant ed. tama: 
"every poet we choose  
is my favorite poet!"

t. kilgore splake
calumet  michigan:

phone marketers hangups
 encouraging old poet
secret admirer still alive

                            catfish mcdaris
                            west allis  wisconsin:
                                                                The Desert

Cochise’s dry hot tears                                  
skeletons of buffalo
windstorm ghosts dry death.                                    

mary jo balistreri
genesee depot  wisconsin:


    As the storm comes
    the bent-limbed oaks
    offer shelter
    to fluttering finches,
    yellow-slick feathers
    curled into
    golden balls
    of hope
    in a deep-rumble sky

nancy shires
greenville  north carolina:

                             little wren
                             smaller than
                             his own song

if I don't move. . .
cat curled in the crook
of my legs

  donna snow
  lakeland  tennessee: 

  Today lilacs are in full bloom

  Their sweet smell my odd companion

  At the breakfast table;

  What a delicious tea!

a j huffman
ormond beach  florida:

Fog-filled dreams disperse.
Freeing my mind to wander
In and out of sleep.

                                      Listen to the trees.
                                      They whisper themselves silent.
                                      My nature is to follow. 

christina sng  

                 first day of summer
                 a raven feather
                 at the door

curled up with books
endless winter nights
spent in other worlds

    jim kacian
    winchester  virginia:

top down
the midwest

           Sunday morning
           a jazz riff
           in the mockingbird's call

    fog the sound of the foghorn

karen o'leary
west fargo  north dakota:

sepia pages
peace settles                                 central farm time    
between the wrinkles                       milking the cows before
                                               the cock crows

frosty and tama: "goodbye, everyone!  treats, belly rubs, 
                                            and peace for all!"

see you in a moment

ayaz daryl nielsen
                                      darylayaz@gmail.com (and/or) darylayaz@me.com

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