Saturday, July 30, 2016

Richard Wright (and) Stanley Greaves - two heroic haiku poets (re)discovered (by us)

assistant editor tama, stating "a most heroic haiku poet, mr. Richard Wright, and we need a post about him!"
"also!" insists assistant ed. frosty, "we'll include Caribbean poet Stanley Greaves!"                              

noble suggestions,
worthy assistants,
here we go. . .

The last months of African-American Richard Wright's life, writing thousands of haiku in Paris and the French countryside. . . decades ago, having read his Native Son and Black Boy while in lit. classes with my favorite (activist) professors. . .

HAIKU  The last Poems of an American Icon
Arcade Publishing             ISBN  978-1-61145-349-2

'reading through these poems," tama tells me, "i cried"
tama, you know, so did I. . .

110           I laid down my book
          A tendril of wisteria
               Encircling my leg.

                           255           The shore slips away
                                     From the melancholy ship
                                          In an autumn mist.

                499          Just one lonely road
                          Stretching into the shadows
                              Of a summer night.


haiku  Stanley Greaves
Peepal Tree Press            ISBN:  9781845232979

140 haiku and eight original pieces of artwork from a gentleman
whose endeavors lead from Guyana, to Barbados, to the US
"lucky us!" states frosty. . .

from #21   . . . 
             'For poets, empty pages'

                                           #59   . . . 
                                             'a filled glass waits'

see you in a moment

ayaz daryl nielsen
"and frosty!"  "and tama!"


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