Thursday, July 21, 2016

mary jo balistreri, richard bruns, normal, karen o'leary, raamesh gowri raghavan, christina sng, t kilgore splake, and! david he zhuanglang. . .

poetry from 
bear creek haiku #135,

removing the dust
from the stars -
evening rain
   david he zhuanglang
   gansu province   china   

the long drive home,
  Buddha laughing
  on my dashboard

   richard bruns   
   napa  california

off the mountain -
morning prayers                           
four candles
stay lit                   mary jo balistreri (and) karen o'leary
                           genesee park   wi (and)  west fargo  nd                                                                       

         waiting                             dreams of escape

 frequent wilderness visits             lost in yooper blizzard
listening for passing ghosts            riding greyhound ghost        
    shadowy old spirits                  orizaba cafe breakfast
    quietly going again                     chatting with jack

                t kilgore splake   calumet  michigan


rainy season                             cold drizzle
comfortable at home                    an afternoon curled up 
with dry paws                            with my cat

                      christina sng  singapore

"our dear friend Christina!" (ass't. ed's Tama and Frosty)

i talk to myself when i walk
i talk to the one i do not want to hear
the one who knows when i am wrong
the one who smiles when i grimace
the one who will keep walking
when i am gone
                      normal   saugerties  new york

rope trick. . .                          petal-less flower
the kids reinvent                      browning in my diary                   an old swing                           a forty-year old no                                             
           raamesh gowri raghavan   maharashtra  india

see you in a moment 

ayaz daryl nielsen


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