Sunday, July 24, 2016

mary jo balistreri, carl mayfield, karen o'leary, teresinka periera, donna snow, cristina sng, t kilgore splake, and, paula yup!

poets of soon-to-exist bear creek haiku, print issue #136:

Blank Look #811  

         dim grow 
         the eyes 
         of joy
         yet nothing
         is diminished

carl mayfield  
rio rancho  new mexico


Like a falling tree

That rushes to a rootless earth,

Somehow the ground

Is no longer there.

donna snow
lakeland  tennessee


As the storm comes
the bent-limbed oaks
offer shelter
to fluttering finches,
yellow-slick feathers
curled into
golden balls
of hope
in a deep-rumble sky

mary jo balistreri
genesee depot   wisconsin

phone marketers hangups             final grand prix
  encouraging old poet    
secret admirer still alive             mg top down
                                          red-line max
                                          daring white line fevers
                                          poet's mad odyssey
     t kilgore splake                   outrunning himself
                   calumet  michigan


       my tears drip into

       a poem

       Arlington. . .
       silent cries

       for peace

       karen o'leary
       west fargo  north dakota

       summer break
       the cat's hotel
       nicer than ours

       funeral morning
       the cacophony 
       of crows

       christina sng    singapore

                               THE NETHERLANDS

Bicyclists, the Rijksmuseum, rain, the Van Gogh Museum,
canals, Anne Frank's house, Central Station, feeding
birds in Haarlem, a ginger cat outside a restaurant. . .

                               paula yup  spokane washington


For a mother                                      
sons and daughters
are children forever
because love
does not change with time.
Full of dreams
for their successful future
the answer each mother
has in mind for her persistence
in waiting to happen
is the infinite hope.

teresinka pereira
toledo  ohio

frosty and tama,
"such lovely poetics" whispers tama
"treats for all of them" states frosty "and catnip!"


see you in a moment

ayaz daryl nielsen


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