Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Ajša Ajša Džemila Zahirović haiku iz sarajeva haiku is sarajevo

ass't. ed. Frosty, insisting
"we must review an                               
excellent collection of
haiku sent to us
over a month ago!"
"two months!" states other
ass't. ed. Tama "and it's 
extra special because it's 
from Bosnia and Herzegovina!"
and, there are joyous illustrations by artist
Dževad Hozo!!"

The deserted well. . .
A leaf on a tree breaks
Its dreamy silence

                                      Two birch-trees in the sunshine
                                      Stretch out their arms. . .
                                      The artist and the poem.

Ajša, an internationally prominent (and honored) haiku poet: her poetry has a permanent home among our favorite books
"more of Ajśa's poetry!" (from bear creek's ass't. ed.'s). . .

On the mountain
The sound of the pine's growth
Disturbs the solemn silence

                                  The voices of the day and the night
                                  In a forest:
                                  The sweet scent of heaven.

               Hey, my love!
               Wake up, wake up -
               Let us revive the embers.

136 pages of haiku, with English translations, composed in the beautiful mountains of Bosnia and Herzegovina,
"another triumph of poetic word and a personal triumph of our esteemed poet Ajša Zahirović" (Dr. Ivo Šoljan)

ISBN 9958-21-363-x   Sarajevo Publishing
email:  ajsazahirovic@yahoo.com

Oh, lindens!  You remember
The lovers
Under your flowering crowns.

                                      I say, a poem!
                                      Beauty penetrates
                                      And the sun-dial starts moving.

Tama and Frosty: 'this post was just plain ol' good fun". . .

see you in a moment

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