Thursday, June 9, 2016

more homes for our poems! (and, michael escoubas and marti sullan!)

"Let's do more 
to get our 
poets' poems 
noble conceptass't. 
ed's Frosty and
Tama! we'll 
share pub's. we
know of, 
that nourish poets!
(treats afterwards)

                    Cat Sleeping
                         poet, michel escoubas
                         collage by marti sullan                                                  
ball of sun
(softly purring                                                          
under velvet buds
of willow, near china
teacup, cherry blossoms pink,
blue satin curtains) needs her rest-- 
she turned a cricket up-side-down, thin
legs batting air--content to leave it there.

and, homes for our poems!. . .

(and related forms):

United Haiku and Tanka Society
Cattails for submission
timeframes/details -
good folk, the infamous
an'ya, Sonam (just a decent dude), 
Michael Rehling (wrote a lovely 
review of my haiku collection,
'haiku - tumbleweeds
still tumbling')

Acorn Haiku
online, ed. Susan Antolin
(in diverse formats,
has existed for decades)

online and print,
ed. Teri Santitoro composes
lovely issues - change just a
word or three in some of your own favorite haiku/tanka/fib's
and you have Sciku/Scifi - one of many pub's. from
Alban Lake Press, go to site for details (pays for
accepted poems in print editions)

Yellow Mama - Black Petals
ed. Cindy Rosmus is my very favorite (and, has to be
the rowdiest) online poetry ed. - again, fantasy/sciku/some horror, yet her tastes are diverse and broad, fine poetry/poets/
friends of mine are in each (quarterly) issue - love her
site's method of archiving poems, I inadvertently deleted
400 of mine a year ago and was able to recover many from 
Yellow Mama's archives. . .

Dead Snakes
have learned the necessity of appreciating ed. Stephen Williams almost daily online pub., it's just uplifting receiving an email 
stating your poem(s) have been published- from the same vein 
as Yellow Mama and SCIFAIKUEST, he also publishes Ufo Gigolo

yup, Tama and Frosty created above poem/picture- treats for both! 
('soon' states Frosty)

Raw Dog Press
as is Origami Poetry Project, a creative/innovative concept - accepted poem appears on postcard, and, you'll receive several copies - go to site for specific details, I believe they accept just one a month, but, were more than willing to work with a poem of mine. . .  
poet/friend/MD Kelley Jean White introduced us to this pub!

Lalitamba: An Uplifting Literary Experience  'whatever our 
circumstances, all we need is here, now, within our own open hearts. 
Submission Guidelines: We publish fiction, essays,
poetry and interviews. 
To submit, please send a single work of fiction/nonfiction, 
or up to five poems, with SASE and contact information, including 
email address, to: 
Lalitamba: An Uplifting Literary Experience
P. O. Box 131
Planetarium Station
New York, New York 10024
All net proceeds are donated to charity projects for global harmony.'
two issues with accepted poems are sent to each poet. . .
'they're exquisite', Frosty states - 'loveliest print pub. in existence', says Tama

TROUTSWIRL  The Haiku Foundation Blog  have wondered for years how Jim Kacian sustains his creative ceaseless 'doin'!  have been a subscriber to weekly Troutswirl for quite some time, yet only recently have participated in some of it's plethoric activities (such as, re:Viral, and, am listed in their Haiku Registry thanks to Lilliput Review's Don Wentworth)- their distinguished Red Moon Press is considering my 190+ haiku collection 'almost a pond', and whatever's decided, an honor to be even considered for publication- am delighted with their recent activity archiving buddy Canadian haijin Chris Faier's lifetime of creative endeavors (Chris, of blog 'Riffs and Ripples from Zen River Gardens' fame). . . 
deepest thank you, Angelee (Deodhar), for above photo

        'you know' Frosty states 'it's almost midnight, and during the last post, we all fell asleep without our treats'  yes, Frosty, let's see if we can complete this. . .  'soon' he states

Shamrock, Haiku Journal of the Irish Haiku Society, 
ed. Anatoly Kudryavitsky, international online haiku/senryu pub., just ordered/received print 2007-2011 Shamrock Haiku Anthology - all ed. Anatoly's endeavors are just right

Nature Writing   You are Nature, Writing, ed. Ron Harton, 
contact      a lovely poetry site

The song is. . .   ed. Marianne Szlyk 
has perhaps the coolest of all possible online sites

and, it's midnight! Tama and Frosty have fallen asleep, so, treats will be with breakfast and we'll finish this post much later today. . .

see you in a moment

ayaz daryl nielsen


             , and/or,

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