Thursday, June 23, 2016

I Wait for the Moon 100 haiku from Momoko Kuroda [translated with commentary by Abigail Friedman]

just discovered Momoko Kuroda, 'a remarkable haiku spirit and a powerfully independent Japanese woman', whose translator, Abigail Friedman, shares insights/an understanding of haiku spirit as perceptive and knowledgeable as is Momoko's poetry 

this collection of haiku has the same heart-touch as did my discovery of Basho decades ago (because of which, bear creek haiku and this blog exist). . . Basho's meditative creativity often consisted of watching the full moon- after my evening shifts at the hospital, would make my way to the top of Flagstaff Mountain, mesmerized by the moon, and create my poetry. . .
thru Momoko and Abigail, I realize the full moon is a metaphor for an enlightened Buddha. . .

                          retracing Basho's
                           Kurobane path
                     fireflies along the stream

 whichever the valley whatever the blossom petals dance in the air

yup, Momoko (b. 1938) has traveled/written on/of the same paths (and then some) as did Basho. . .

     spring water gushing the sound of affection from afar

'Momoko associates the sound of water with the love of those who have departed- the poet does not hear the sound of water, she hears the sound of love'

'meow!  this is an                               
exceptional poet!'
states Tama
'and she loves kitties!'
yes, Frosty,
am sure she does. . .

at this temple
by the edge of the lake
I wait for the moon

surely, Momoko speaks from the temple of her heart. . . 'we should always speak from our heart temples' states Tama

please, peruse this collection of haiku, one of the best we've read

I Wait for the Moon
100 Haiku of Momoko Kuroda

translated with commentary by Abigail Friedman

Stone Bridge Press                                                     

noble ass't. ed's, let us now have our treats 'and we can read more of Momoko's haiku!', from my ass't ed's  and! for our next post, we need
to honor Ajśa Dźemila Zahirović  and her book of poetry 
'haiku iz sarajeva  haiku is sarajevo' 

'certainly do!' states Tama

see you in a moment

ayaz daryl nielsen


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