Sunday, May 1, 2016

submitting poems to bear creek haiku (anna yin, jo balistreri, don wentworth, karen o'leary, john mcdonald, kelley jean white, and! patricia carragon!)

    Today, thirty-some postal poetry submissions arrived in one big bundle, forwarded from our old post office address (some sent seven months old, but, warmly welcomed) A fair number of my poets do not use email, and, if they haven't submitted recently, or, a poet read about bear creek somewhere without an updated address - it's all understandable
    70% of our poems are sent by postal delivery, and the correct address is: bear creek haiku, p.o. box 596, longmont, co 80502 USA (SASE's are appreciated)  
    If from another country, email is best:, and/or,  (do include your postal mailing address)
    American poets/friends, prefer submitting by email? You know 
                                it's all loverly.  


         Tama and Frosty, a few 
         of their favorite poets from
         bear creek haiku #134. . .

haiku in Shakespeare

hidden in sonnets                         baby asleep
who art thou?                              in a sunbeam:
winds flip pages                           wrapped in light years

shaking against cold                      (john mcdonald
yellow leaves lament                      edinburgh  scotland) 
the ashes of youth

(anna yin   mississauga  ontario)

                      Each morning I arise
                      roll back the stone of sleep
                      walk into the light
                      as if I myself am the source.
                  (jo balistreri   genesee depot  wisconsin)
                    a photo of Jo arising in the morning:


anonymous blossom
  signing its work
    precisely             (don wentworth   pittsburgh  pennsylvania)

e. . .
the beginning
of all                    (karen o'leary   west fargo  north dakota) 

                   snow blowing off the roof all day
                   in the window
                           (kelley jean white   laconia  new hampshire)

frosty - "finally, a cat poem!  'bout time!"
tama - "how about one more before treats?". . .
     yes, fearless ass't. ed's, one more, then, treats for everyone!

                 (patricia carragon   brooklyn  new york)

see you in a moment

ayaz daryl nielsen

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