Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Homes For Your Poems

ass't. ed's Tama and Frosty with a 
Memorial Day request (ok, demand): 

Let's do all we can to 
get our own poets' poetry memorialized!"
(published). . .  noble 
suggestion, feline 
companions!  We'll 
share publications (print 
and/or online) that 
have nourished our own 
poetic endeavors (with treats afterwards!)

Frosty: "You haven't started yet?"

Tama adores Whispers in the Wind, constantly active online and known worldwide- visit at whispersinthewind333.blogspot.com

Tama, Frosty, let's pick up our pace, or we won't 
have treats until midnight!
                                                                                                "Get going!" from Frosty. . .

Two extensive worldwide resources for publishers/lovers of haiku and related forms:  New Zealand Poetry Society - Haiku, Tanka, Haiga and Haibun (FreeXpresSion, which first published our poems 20+ years ago, is listed here, as is Poetry Quarterly)

Database of Small Presses and Publishers | Poets and Writers Hundreds of homes for poems, chapbooks, et al. (one quickly learns how to navigate through the plethora therein, also! Each new issue is online with an update of calls for poetry manuscripts and submissions)

From Tama: All poets should have extended interactions with World Literature Today, from the U of Oklahoma (one of the last issue's features was 'women poets of Azerbaijan')

Shemom   print pub., poetry to dear friend 
Peggy Dugan French:  pdfrench@cox.net

Trajectory  Writing That Illuminates  another lovely print pub., guidelines at www.trajectoryjournal.com (postal submissions)

bear creek haiku  yup, that's us, guidelines 
in last post (May 1st)

Cheap Seats  unique/worthy print pub., contact ed. p l wick 
(the Han-shan of Colorado) for guidelines

The Stray Branch, online, ed. Debbie Berk:
thestraybranchlitmag@yahoo.com - am especially fond of this pub., a home to dear friend/poet/artist Rex Sexton

Ascent Aspirations Magazine  online, ed. David Fraser now focuses on 'Friday poems', very actively seeking poetry

Origami Poetry Project  www.origamipoems.com  ed. Laura Burke and staff know how to honor your poetry with their micro-chapbooks, you'll receive ten copies and other print copies can be downloaded online (my micro-chapbook is proof of love) A genuine sweetness emanates from their endeavors

Holy you betchas, it's midnight!  Tama and Frosty, asleep (and without their treats! We'll just have some with breakfast!) - and we have more to share with you, so we'll create another post tomorrow...

see you in a moment

ayaz daryl nielsen


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