Wednesday, April 6, 2016

“What else to say? We end in joy’'. . . Theodore Roethke

tama and frosty, stating:                                        

"let's do a post just 
for the funs of it!"
yes! ass't. ed's, here we go!
(with treats afterwards)

           legs flexing
      eyes moving, how beautiful
      Master Housefly

           causing the least
           possible harm,
           ant steps out
           of my way
                  don wentworth
                         pittsburgh  pennsylvania

        yarrow   greeley colorado

   among the nettles                    meadowlark warble
   and tumbleweeds                     far away across the fields
   a mariposa lily                       an answering note

    karen o'leery                                           candi cooper-towler
    fargo  north dakota                                  longmont  colorado

In a word

rex sexton
always loved                             

things unfold
as they do
and even in that
there is
a special beauty

judith partin-nielsen
longmont colorado

                 The golden oriole singing
                 And the sweet notes breaking
                 Ay, the golden and yellow oriole

                                                  bijoy kumar dubey
                                                  west bengal  india

                   deep in their roots, all
                       flowers keep
                               the light

                          theodore roethke


        see you in a moment

                           ayaz daryl nielsen

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