Saturday, April 16, 2016

Life seems to get richer and more layered as I move slower and see more. Is identity more than what we do in public?

carl mayfield  
rio rancho  new mexico

Wake Up Call
Quickly the sun rewrites
  The dawning sky
The moon still tightropes
  The western cliff faces.
Stretching and kicking
  Away the darkness,
I accidentally nudge                     
  The cat off the bed.                    frosty: "a kitty 'nudged' 
                                             off the bed?"
steve ausherman
albuquerque  new  mexico                        tama: "am sure steve gave
                                                               kitty extra treats 
                                                               (and a belly rub)"                       

coulda, woulda, shoulda              sunset over the sea - 
   ringa, dinga, clinga                 my moving boxes
         la madrĂ©                       stacked like a fortress

     judith partin-nielsen                                candi cooper-towler                     
       longmont  colorado                                 longmont  colorado

her words
drift into the clouds                              
"never again"

karen o'leary
west fargo  north dakota


                                         frequent wilderness visits

listening for passing ghosts

                                             shadowy old spirits
                                           quietly moving again

             t kilgore splake  calumet michigan

Feeling a Restlessness on my Face

                               the horizon measures nothing
                               but the chance to go over it

                               and this where the feeling
                               begins to tremble on my chin

                               spreading quickly to features
                               other people call mine

                               which slip away while everyone
                               is looking at the horizon

                               wondering if what they know
                               is ever true

                                            again, carl mayfield from rio rancho

ass't ed's frosty and tama, insisting "and our trembling chins 
need a treat or three!"

sounds just about right, let's all go have our treats. . .

see you in a moment

ayaz daryl nielsen

Wednesday, April 6, 2016

“What else to say? We end in joy’'. . . Theodore Roethke

tama and frosty, stating:                                        

"let's do a post just 
for the funs of it!"
yes! ass't. ed's, here we go!
(with treats afterwards)

           legs flexing
      eyes moving, how beautiful
      Master Housefly

           causing the least
           possible harm,
           ant steps out
           of my way
                  don wentworth
                         pittsburgh  pennsylvania

        yarrow   greeley colorado

   among the nettles                    meadowlark warble
   and tumbleweeds                     far away across the fields
   a mariposa lily                       an answering note

    karen o'leery                                           candi cooper-towler
    fargo  north dakota                                  longmont  colorado

In a word

rex sexton
always loved                             

things unfold
as they do
and even in that
there is
a special beauty

judith partin-nielsen
longmont colorado

                 The golden oriole singing
                 And the sweet notes breaking
                 Ay, the golden and yellow oriole

                                                  bijoy kumar dubey
                                                  west bengal  india

                   deep in their roots, all
                       flowers keep
                               the light

                          theodore roethke


        see you in a moment

                           ayaz daryl nielsen