Saturday, March 26, 2016

the poetry of bear creek haiku, issue #133

poets and their poetry. . .                   bear creek haiku #133. . .


tropical summer
my bamboo
grows another foot

christina sng  

fish in the stream
appear larger than they are
so this too shall pass

robert wooten
durham  north carolina

at the piano
old hands 
still know the tune

candi cooper-towler
longmont  colorado

sitting zazen…
doves fly
into my meditation

jo balistreri
genesee depot  wisconsin

an old hymn
sung with gusto
comfort food

joanna m. weston
shawnigan lake  british columbia

                                                  years of confusion
                                                leading to this sparrow
                                                 watching me closely
two big things
he says, holding up
three fingers 

wood pigeon
peeking at my window
what do you think?
                          for joy mccall
         don wentworth
         pittsburgh  pennsylvania                                                           

The carnations are flowering again.
Into human hearts
They are breathing contentment.

 dr. ajša zahirović
 sarajevo   bosnia and herzegovina

from tama and frosty:                                
"we love 'em all, and!                                    
how about one from our 
good friend, james peters?
and then treats!"

yes, fine idea, ass't. ed.s!

A teenager 
Hits the road
First car
Free.                               james peters
                                                   cottontown tennessee

treats and back rubs for everyone! and

see you in a moment

ayaz daryl nielsen

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