Wednesday, March 30, 2016

poetry from bear creek haiku, issue #133

  lost love memories                                        

toothbrush in bathroom
ash tray cigarette smell
vanilla candle burning 
     day after day

t. kigore splake
               calumet  michigan

sunbeam - 
kitten stretching
just one paw
scoops up
the warmth of sun

lysa collins
         white rock  british columbia

The Daily Morning

After eggs
and toast

here is day
already fraying

at the lapels
Ah well press on

There is more
to life than living

carl mayfield    rio rancho  new mexico                                     dennis saleh
                                                            seaside  california

3 am
first the house settling
then the heart

                                        misreading a line by Rilke
                                        sparrow goes back
                                        to the branch
                        don wentworth      pittsburgh pennsylvania


this has been fun - we've all earned treats and belly rubs!
"yay!" (from tama, frosty, judith, jo balistreri + peggy dugan french)
                               "treats and belly rubs for all of us!"

see you in a moment

ayaz daryl nielsen

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