Friday, March 4, 2016

poetry - bear creek haiku #132

select poems/nonesuch from the upcoming 132nd print issue of bear creek haiku - one requirement: enjoy. . .

                                        lone crow  
fort collins  colorado

April 30th —                           Kelley Jean White
I photograph                            laconia   new hampshire 
the last bit of snow.

Morning Routine  

Miss morning java
Love my bittersweet coffee
What can take its place?

Joy Leftow - violet 

in the end, the beginning ⎯
      all names etched
            in moss

Don Wentworth
pittsburg  pennsylvania

                                                       long journey - 
                                       she crochets the miles into
                                       a grandchild's shawl
                                       John McDonald

            an old hymn
            sung with gusto
            comfort food

                Joanna M. Weston 
                shawnigan lake 
                british columbia

                     from a favorite poet. . .

                     carpet of snow -
                     already at the barn

                          Lysa Collins
                            white rock  british columbia

well, they're all favorite poets 
                               Carl Mayfield
                               rio rancho 
                               new mexico

              the owl’s hoot
               straight up

 Tama and Frosty, insisting                   

 'and their all 
 special poets, too!'

yes, loyal assistant 
editors, well meowed -
and, it's time for treats!

see you in a moment

ayaz daryl nielsen

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