Sunday, February 28, 2016

Origami Poems Project, and, catku by Patricia Carragon!

  Origami Poems Project, the sweetest little publishing endeavor we have, ‘changing the world one micro-chapbook at a time’ 
  Six of my poems in an origami chapbook,
title, 'proof of love',
cover art by Lauri Burke, titled,
‘Speak with the Tongue of the Wild Rose’
  Received ten copies, all in a first class letter, and! am beyond delighted- will share my copies, including one to a Colorado poet/good friend with end-stage cancer (knowing he’ll love it).  Well done, Jan Keough and The Editors, well done, indeed.                                                
  Check 'em out, your poems
could help change the world
one micro-chapbook at a time!

two from within 'proof of love'. . .

an odd evening
everyone is lined up
at someone else's door
the problem seems to be
nobody is home
to invite us in
for treats and warm

           I have not washed the linens
           on our bed as I said I would

           They carry your lingering scent
           and I am this much less alone

           When you are safely nearby,
           clean linens will be drying as
           I wait beside the unlocked door
           of an open home and heart.

yes! and, as special treats,
catku by patricia carragon. . .   

sleeping kittens
on the bed
fur ball quilt

the cat leaves a Christmas present 
in the litter box
the scent of shit happening

Brooklyn felines  
                comes with the territory
                               'and we have Colorado cattitude!'
                               (Tama and Frosty, ass't. editors)

'more, more from
Patricia Carragon!'

behind iron gates
         an ornamental cat rests
                  casting its shadow
                           on a graden rock
                           nearby houses protected
                                            by concrete lions

kitty rubs
against your legs
         free massage

                                feline companions
                                cat ladies anonymous
                                men need not apply

          eyes of the cat witch
          hypnotize her devotees
          cuteness wins more treats     

          'I have the same eyes! and the cuteness!', states Frosty. . .

indeed you do, amigo -
let’s go have a treat (or two)

see you in a moment

ayaz daryl nielsen


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