Monday, January 4, 2016

the tears we shed

                                                the tears
                           i shed
                           have become 
                           grain                              Thich Naht Hanh

tears of friends, sprouting as poetry . . .                                             

 Golden afternoon
 Daylilies kissing dandelions
 I kiss daddy

                 Joanna Sue Haymart
                 (granddaughter of poet James Peters)

stoic granite sentries
along the mountain's ridge
first to encounter the clouds

as woolen wisps of moisture
begin to plait around me
a lone raven perches near -
the twisted limber pine
his choice of lectern

I question not
this steel-blued messenger
both he and I know
the reason for his presence
                  p l wick

   stiff as brown paper
            oak leaves resist
                     winter's wind
                                       Patricia Carragon

    of doubt…
      silence echoes
                                        Karen O'Leary

       Some times,
       to be alive
    is all that counts.
                                        Teresinka Pereira


                   . . . and the sea
                   invaded the river
                   that abandoned its bed
                   and returned to the spring.

                   . . . and all the land
                   the ground opened
                   swallowing the pleasure
                   of the big city.

                   To me it was like
                   the end of the infinite
                   and the world stopped
                   just to see the first time
                   that I felt. . .  Love!
                                            Antuérpio Pettersen Filho
                                            (translator: Teresinka Pereira)

To dream 
of love

To wake
for nothing less.
                                             Charlie Mehrhoff

                           I have
                           I am
                                              Thich Naht Hanh

see you in a moment

ayaz daryl nielsen                                          

           'I sure like Mr Hanh 
           (and all these poets)'

              the Froster-
             "treats for all!!

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