Tuesday, December 22, 2015

for the blessing of poetry

      Go out to where you must,
      to what fields of this green earth 
      and blue.
      Become so complete with your stillness
      as to witness the symphony  
      of the tall grass as she undulates
      with the butterfly’s wing beat.

      Exit this world of words
      and symbol strewn madness.

      Know your heartbeat
      to be 
      the song.                              Charlie Mehrhoff

ass't. ed.s Frosty and Tama, saying, 'this post was fun!
       Someday soon, let's sing with the toads!'

from bear creek to you, from Tama, Frosty, Judith and I, the biggest blessings we can possibly send - peaceful joys for all of us this holiday season!

see you in a moment (and a new year)

a. daryl nielsen 


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