Tuesday, October 6, 2015

S L Peeran, Angelee Deodhar and Bijoy Kumar Dubey

Three poets/authors/editors/artists/teachers writing from and of their own beloved nation, India (Bharat). . . India, a close ally who continues to enrich us in so many realms, including creatively and spiritually - 

S L Peeran. . . 

Mera Bharat Mahan

I am not going to speak
About the disasters
cyclones, havoc,
terrorism and corruption
Of our past glory
Of famous rule of Akbar
Of architecture of Taj Mahal
Of Temples of Konark
Of the modern India
Of improvement of city life
Of reigning bureaucracy
Of roads, dams and bridges
Of per capita income
Of factories, defense, production 
Of population explosion, birth control
Let me speak
Of our unity in diversity.
Of our spiritual values, diverse literature.
Of our religious tolerance.
Of our spicy foods, films, music and dance.
Of our colorful dress and head gear.

O! Bharat Mahan
Thou have lived from antiquity

Thou shall live for eternity.

Angelee Deodhar's haiga (poem and picture embracing). . .

Bijoy Kumar Dubey. . .

In the woods
Between two hills
There flows a brook
Sweetly murmuring,
Babbling and singing
The songs of Nature 
and its bounty.

Through the highlands 
And the lowlands and 
Into the mid between
Down flows the small brook
Murmuring, singing
The songs of time.

Between clusters of hills
Flows the small brook
Singing the songs 
Of humanity and of
The waterways of time.

ass't. ed's Frosty and Tama state, 'maybe we should visit Bharat!'

well, umm - it's time for treats, belly rubs, and our ongoing appreciation for these two poems, and the haiga, by sharing them with as many as we can. . .

see you in a moment

ayaz daryl nielsen

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