Monday, October 19, 2015

HALLOWEEN birthhome of poetry!

In the days when the land is covered with incantations
       The moon walks together with the corpse.                 

poet: zhang zhi (el diablo)  popular republic of china
translator: teresinka pereira 


Whose fault
is the evening

Who misplaced 
the sun

Someone must
be accountable

after all
when day is done

dennis saleh
seaside california

Steamer trunk in
   the attic.  Darkness
locked inside.  Stars.                
   The Moon.

alan carlin
schenectady  new york


       Whether performed
       by Michael Jackson,
       or Neil Armstrong,
       it's still out of this world.

       sharon anderson
          hopwood  pennsylvania


 The high water mark is clear
 Its stain is sketched into the sand
 As I watch the ebb and flow
 What I cannot decide
 Which wave turned the tide?

                                                yates young
                                                palm coast  florida

breakfast with the soothsayer 

and she 
this day
will be cold,
cold as a once-revered saber buried 
in a forgotten battlefield’s debris,
saber capable of transmuting ill-will
and evil intent into an intrinsic realization 
of the sacredness within all existence. . .  
and this saber”. . . she pauses, grasping 
my arm. . .“it can, it must be found, found and
wielded by hero and heroine, working together 
as one. . . and you and I” she states, 
clasping my arm - “it’s up to us. . .  it’s us. . .”  
the steaming coffeecup, halfway 
to my lips, suspended in the 
silent, fertile morning light. . .

ayaz daryl nielsen
longmont colorado

                           The Masterpiece          charlie mehrhoff
                              oakland maine

    Unlike most human artists, the Creator 
    does not sign Her work. 

    This so that humanity may come to know
    it all as being

    Her signature.

asked ass't. ed. Frosty if he would          
be a black cat for Halloween - I 
should recover in a week or so. . . 

Jo's ass't. ed. Tama, laughing. . . 

see you in a moment

ayaz daryl nielsen                

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