Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Canadian poets: Lysa Collins, and! Chase's canine 'dogku'

             CHASE'S CANINE CORNER: "Dogku" (dog haiku)
             marmora canada

rolling on my back
kicking snow in the air:
sun on my cold belly

sniff, snuffle
porcupine den tree:

old enemies
this muskrat and I
exchange blood

                    wonderful! wonderful!
                    fresh, fresh snow
                    cleaner than my lazy master's house

bored with his heels
I leap ahead:
my turn to break trail

                                   pee smells, poop smells
                                   wonderful! wonderful!
                                   cold air amplifies

sniff ... hmmm
this is a BIG dog
master says timber wolf

What! what ...
brush pile
full of wild smells

my ears so shaggy
where is Chris?
where? where? there!

                             sniff . . .  snuffle
                             happy days

                             happy notes

(Chase graciously shares his home with poet Chris Faiers)

          LYSA COLLINS      white rock    british columbia
          (new favorite poet)

crescent moon -
I hear the chant of rivermen
where boats no longer go

                                    around the barefoot child
                                    buttercups -
                                    just buttercups

rain crawls down
the rusted fire-stairs
where one small shoe
still dangles

                                    blue herons
                                    back to back -
                                    ink brush poising

September sun
all day in the mountain ash -
crows having a brawl

ass't. ed. Froster. . .
"dogku?!?  this calls for an extra treat!"

ass.t ed. Tama states, "treats and belly rubs for everyone!
especially Lysa Collins and my Jo Balistreri!"

see you in a moment

ayaz daryl nielsen                            

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