Monday, September 14, 2015

so long, friend - Renaissance Man Rex Sexton


Unknown hours fade to black.      Rex Sexton

above poem from a prior post (3/2/13) about Rex, polymath,
Renaissance Dude, friend. . .
the day after Rex passed on, I was, with great thoughtfulness and graciousness, contacted by Rochelle. . .

life’s weary wander -
a white road lost       Rex Sexton

Tama states,
'we all know Rex is a fine poet, and let's see one of his (many) prize paintings!'

can do, and Heartbreak Hotel seems, well,
more than appropriate. . .

my favorite poem from Rex. . .

                                       In a word

the Froster asks, "another art piece by Rex?"

you betcha, Frost, can do. . .

Moon Ladder. . .

and, one last poem from Rex. . .

                The soul is a prism 
                that casts rainbows
                from heaven.


Phynix (and all ass't ed.s)
are in agreement: 
the next rainbow we see 
will be from Rex. . .

Froster, with the final words 'you know what Rex would say now?  
Belly Rubs, Belly Rubs and Treats for all!'

see you in a moment

ayaz daryl nielsen                            

and, to complete my post, I've wandered into the only coffee shop, Vita Bella, open at this late hour - as I push the Save button a last time, the road-weathered acoustic blue grass musicians playing here finish with
                               'I'm just a pilgrim on the road
                                we'll meet again on some bright highway
                                we're just pilgrims on the road'

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