Tuesday, August 18, 2015

our citadels of poetry. . .

'learning to live in citadels of our poetry'. . .  ass't ed. Frosty, insisting "here be poetic paths to citadels of living and learning!"
(from bear creek haiku #128). . .

should you decide
to paint a memory of me
while dreaming,
let it be the glimmer
of an evening lake

darrell lindsey
nacogdoches, texas

clothes abandoned
flowers woven in her hair
she sways
with the meadow grass

bolinas, california

The sun rises in my heart, I call it love.
Every leaf of me.
                  charlie mehrhoff
                         oakland, maine

one noble truth leaf after leaf after leaf

                  don wentworth
                         pittsburg, pennsylvania

from Jo Balistreri's Tama - 'here's another!' 

          Before Goodbye

          I'm saving every
          memory - coins in a jar
          that I'll never spend.

       margaret l campbell    anderson, south carolina

my buddy Sam, insisting 
'I've another!' -

bounces off mountains
and comes to rest
in the purple apron
of wild iris petals.

steve ausherman     albuquerque  new mexico

Phynix, 'tho waiting for a belly rub, 
us two poems. . .

fishing late                           the dove 
the boat full                          in flight
of one cricket
                                         the branch
    darrell lindsey                                    still

                                             charlie mehrhoff

all the assistant editors simultaneously insist - flowers for everyone!

and, especially, treats! and a belly rub 
for all hard-working assistant editors!



see you in a moment

ayaz daryl nielsen


                 Thelma and Callie                        



  a late-night p l wick! with words
                       beyond belly rubs! 


from me, as this colorado night quickly passes. . . 


Saturday, August 1, 2015

rolled and folded maps

goodbye to July from within the bastion of our poets and poetry. . .

             rolled and folded maps
             labeled contours and                          phynix
             penciled-in memories
pottery wind chimes
their melody
up the valley                              
toma rosen
mt baldy zen center                                         

final embers
of day
hint at what was
and what is
to come          
michael l. newell   
reedsport, oregon

    carl mayfield, rio rancho, 
                      new mexico    

                       every tangled branch
                       a lifetime of moss
                                brendan mcbreen
                                pacific, washington

clothes abandoned
flowers woven in her hair              tatjana debeljački, užice, serbia          
she sways
with the meadow grass

bolinas, california

To dream
of love.
To wake
for nothing less.
charlie mehrhoff, 
oakland, maine                                 
                                                     my neighbor Mary
                                      cradles her new granddaughter
                                      the light in he eyes
   sam                                art elser, denver, colorado                    

     a single scarlet pentstemon
    Anasazi ruin    jo balistreri, genesee, wisconsin

feline sneaks   carefully   "pussyfooting" 
david fox, islandia, new york

Ratio Fibonacci                                              thelma            

and like the nautilus— golden
for michael g smith
karla linn merrifield, brockport, new york

within a shallow night                                      savannah             

the wind shifted softly
hidden, snug and sheltered
the wild one slept soundly
time-spawned storyteller
weaving a magic tale 
of those who live for others
warming decades of hearts
the souls of storyteller magic,
enhancing the world forever . . .

peggy dugan french, cardiff, california
and, ayaz daryl nielsen

this july of '15, not letting go easily - but!, here's to our august. . .

see you in a - 

wait, wait! say asst. ed's. - treats for 
felines, and red roses for everyone!


                                      this singing
                      beneath a full moon
                      within a warm breeze
                      on our way home

see you in a moment

ayaz daryl nielsen


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